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Apple fixes 47 bugs in iPhone, Mac and QuickTime

Written by James Delahunty @ 11 Sep 2009 8:31 User comments (5)

Apple fixes 47 bugs in iPhone, Mac and QuickTime Starting on Wednesday, Apple pushed out 47 separate fixes for its Mac OS, iPhone and QuickTime products. Some of the fixed issues had the potential to allow attacks seize complete control over a system.
OS X components included Alias Manager, CarbonCore, ClamAV, ColorSync, and CoreGraphics and Adobe Flash. The updates were available for both the Tiger and Leopard versions of the operating system.

The iPhone updates addresses holes in CoreAudio, WebKit and MobileMail. QuickTime, which is no stranger to security updates, also had several security problems that could allow attackers to hijack a machine. They related to how QuickTime handled manipulated H.264 and MPEG-4 files.

One one of the 47 fixes was for the Snow Leopard operating system (though it was updated to fix other issues with the new OS), only recently released. The single fix only updated the Flash software to the latest and most secure version.

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5 user comments

111.9.2009 20:48

Dang, and here I was believing those PC vs Mac commercials, and the infallible mac operating system :)

212.9.2009 00:39

HEHE...not only is the hardware terrible, but the software is also broken...and they won't even admit to it untill they release 47 patches all at once!

My favorite MAC V PC Commercial:
The one where the woman asks for a fast processor and a big screen, then asks for a system that does not need antivirus software...and she seems to forget all about the fast processor and the big screen.

My Favorite Computer Failure Ever:
When I was in school, the school ordered about 50 of the latest, greatest MACs. More than half of them had a problem where they would crash if a sound played...and a sound played during startup! We had to open them all up and remove the speakers...the speakers were practicly touching the hard drives! Apparently, they never even tested one of this model before shipping them! Based on the news I have been reading...they have not improved their quality control much.

312.9.2009 02:41

What UTTER BS!!!

This is a cumulative update that includes previous fixes going back a few YEARS...and one of the recent ones is an update to Adobe's Flash Player, outside of Apple's direct control.

I visit here for REAL information, not these blown-out-of-proportion sensationalism stories...I can watch mainstream media for that kinda nonsense.

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412.9.2009 03:52

Afterdawn was not the first place to post this news, and they actualy went very easy on Apple with the way they worded it. They didn't even mention the fact that just about every media device apple makes is affected by this.

Yes, one update was for Flash player...but only because they had to update everything that involved both internet and audio. It was not adobe's fault that apple had such a glaring vulnrability. Adobe did fix this problem on their own when they found out about it (long before the 3rd when apple admited the problem). However, SnowLeapord does not include the updated flash player, and automaticaly downgrades a newer flash player to the old version without permission or even an alert to the user.

This bug has been known about for a while, and allows a hacker to gain full control over a MAC, just as though they were on remote desktop. Apple even announced that they knew about it on the 3rd...leaving 9 days that there was an extremely well known security hole. Even still, there will be many, many macs that do not get these updates because their users think that MAC is imune to all viruses and attacks (Apple's lying TV commercials).

53.10.2010 20:48
Unverified new user

I hate Quicktime because I always get this effin Windows - No Disk error solely because of QuickTime! The new updates didn't fix sh**.

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