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Some iPhone users finally get MMS enabled

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Sep 2009 1:38 User comments (11)

Some iPhone users finally get MMS enabled According to a new Arstechnica report, a few iPhone users have had their MMS enabled via AT&T, a couple of weeks prior to the expected rollout launch date of September 25th.
You can check by heading to Settings > General > Network and then checking to see if you have a "Cellular Data Network" menu. You can also look in the native text messaging app, and check for a camera icon.

AT&T delayed the MMS rollout to make sure the "network was ready to handle a record volume of MMS traffic." They also noted that if you already pay for SMS, MMS would be added free of charge.

Pic via Ars:

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11 user comments

115.9.2009 3:12

"AT&T delayed the MMS rollout to make sure the "network was ready to handle a record volume of MMS traffic.""

Something tells me that the network will not be ready anyway...the 3G has been available for years, and it still isn't ready for beta trials.

215.9.2009 5:09

Does this mean that iphones will also be able to recieve mms messages?? Pardon my ignorance as I don't personally own one but will in a couple of short weeks and am very interested.

315.9.2009 11:57

for YEARS phones have done MMS, why is it a special case for the iphone?

415.9.2009 12:35

ATT got a lot of new customers due to the iphone meaning those new customers only use the iphone. Their data network could not handle that many new people (mms goes over the data network) so they limited mms on the iphone so that it would not kill mms for their other non iphone customers. Really it comes down to how horrible of a service ATT has.

515.9.2009 13:33

Originally posted by shaffaaf:
for YEARS phones have done MMS, why is it a special case for the iphone?
Hehe, that's what i was wondering

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615.9.2009 13:43

Originally posted by hendrix04:
Really it comes down to how horrible of a service ATT has.
Exactly. Why they did not prepare their infrastructure to handle MMS knowing full well the iPhone was going to be blockbuster is beyond me.

715.9.2009 22:22

I think you might randomly get MMS or Tethering? Because I just installed the update, and while I STILL don't have MMS, I do have the tethering option. Odd

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816.9.2009 12:19 here you go... pretty much the same hack as the one for the 3.0 OS....

917.9.2009 4:32

Yes, it is AT&T's fault for having a terrible network that they refuse to fix. However, it is also Apple's fault for making such a terrible provider the only provider that is allowed to sell these phones. It's called a monopoly, and both AT&T and Apple are guilty of creating it.

Apple is loosing out like crazy because they cannot sell iPhones to most of those who want them...but they don't care. They love monopolies like AT&T and dictatorships like China...and they don't care if they make money so long as they help these organizations make the world a terrible place. Hardly a suprise from the company that locks it's operating system to only work with their overpriced econo-box components. It is a bit like the biblical story of Jobe...Apple's fans worship apple no matter what apple does to them, and Apple then brags about how loyal their fans are in spite of everything done to them.

1018.9.2009 13:52

ATT is horrible but its the only carrier that is available in all 50 states.... If it wasn't for ATT it would be a pain trying to get the iphone in Alaska...

Also if it wasn't for the iphone we prob would not have 3g for another year or two..

Well I guess I can't laugh at the iphone users that don't have mms anymore.. Now I get to laugh at them when the water damage markers get triggered from condensation..

1129.9.2009 20:22

Umm if it wasn't for the iPhone we wouldn't have 3G? What are you talking about? Sprint and Verizons EVDO was and is 3G and its been around a good couple years before AT&T "3G"

AT&T is a joke, I went to london with my iPhone awhile back (for traveling only not hooked up to crappy AT&T) got a prepaid sim card with O2, and low and behold I had picturemail. Its not an iPhone problem its always been crappy AT&T network.

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