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Amazon starts private label electronics accessories line

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Sep 2009 3:09 User comments (5)

Amazon starts private label electronics accessories line The giant e-tailer Amazon has begun a new line dubbed Amazon Basics today, selling private label electronics accessories such as DVD-R, HDMI cables and USB cables.
“We saw an opportunity to create a line of consumer electronics basics that combine quality and low prices for an overall focus on value,” added Paul Ryder, Amazon’s vice president of consumer electronics.

Amazon Basics, available here, is only a few products now, but Amazon promises the range will grow. You won't be seeing any Amazon HDTVs anytime soon however, as the company plans to stick to "inexpensive accessories."

By offering the inexpensive items, Amazon can still increase their margins by completely cutting out the middleman. Amazon is certainly not the first e-tailer to start private label sales. Newegg has been selling highly popular computer peripherals such as cases under the name Rosewill for some time.

The prices are pretty decent as well, with a 100-pack of DVD-R selling for $19 USD and 6-foot HDMI cables selling for about $8 USD. It won't put Monoprice out of business, but it's certainly reasonable compared to Monster cables.

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5 user comments

121.9.2009 21:16

this combines with their uber-easy-to-open, recyclable packaging = win

221.9.2009 23:12

I'd have to wonder about the quality...a lot of the Rosewill stuff that newegg sells is total junk, but the Amazon cables do look least they are gold plated. Not sure I would trust Amazon brand media...

322.9.2009 11:25

I've got some off brand HDMI cables, 6ft and 10ft, and I love them. They've been working fine for over a year now and I purchased both of them for a total price (including shipping twice) that was less than 1/4 the price of one 3ft cable sold at a store like Best Buy.

422.9.2009 17:12

I'll pass thank you..... I'll keep to brands I know still put some effort into design and qaulity....

525.9.2009 13:49

I generally like Amazon but still way out of line on HDMI cable all the way!

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