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Wolverine selling well on Blu-ray

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Sep 2009 1:10 User comments (6)

Wolverine selling well on Blu-ray The new release X-Men Origins: Wolverine is selling well on Blu-ray, says 20th Century Fox, with over 20 percent of sales coming in the HD format. On average, Blu-rays account for 12.5 percent of all sales.
Although they would not give numbers, the studio said Wolverine was their best ever selling Blu-ray, beating out Quantum of Solace, which was released in March.

“Wolverine launched this summer [season] in theaters and is now doing the same for the holiday season in home entertainment,” added Simon Swart, executive VP/general manager at Fox. “Wolverine is Fox’s biggest selling Blu-ray ever.”

The studio also added that the movie's BD Live features were the most popular ever.

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6 user comments

126.9.2009 1:20

Well this was a no-brainer, seeing as I now have two Blu-Ray players in my home... HOWEVER, it did help that my copy from Wally World was the 3-Disc set that came with the Blu-Ray, DVD AND Digital copies of the movie for $23! Now that is a value anyone can appreciate and I'd assume that would help any Summer "blockbuster" achieve greater sales.

226.9.2009 1:49

Expect to get even better number's with Transformer 2 dropping next month.

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326.9.2009 2:15

I bought it for 25 euros in europe , that means around $36 . PRices are different everywhere , dont know why

426.9.2009 12:37

I'm kind of surprised by this as it wasn't that great of a movie, in my opinion.

Was it decent enough to buy? That's obviously up to the individuals who would pay for it. I'd personally say "Probably" considering Amazon has it for $22. Anymore than that and I'd have to back off until it dropped in price a bit.

526.9.2009 17:45

And they fact that this movie was running rampant on the Internet almost three month before release seems to have done nothing for sales if they are bragging about it.

628.9.2009 12:37

I enjoyed it. But no single movie averaging only 1.5-2 hours is worth $20-$30 for me. I'll wait a year for the price to come down or buy it used. Blu ray seems to be gaining momentum though.

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