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Internet Explorer slides again in September

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2009 1:17 User comments (4)

Internet Explorer slides again in September According to Net Applications, Microsoft's Internet Explorer web-browser lost more market-share during September while rivals Firefox and Chrome gained. During the month of September, Internet Explorer usage dropped by 1.3 percent, sitting at a still-dominant 65.7 percent. However, the browser has dropped 8.5 percent in 12 months, with 2.6 percent being in the last three months alone.
If Microsoft does not figure out how to curb the trend, then Internet Explorer's share will drop below the 50 percent mark in 2011. Mozilla's Firefox web browser gained 0.8 percent, its biggest gain for a single month since November, to claim 23.8 percent share of the market. Even with the September gain, Firefox has not yet recovered from a share drop in May and June - its record standing at 23.84 percent.

Google's Chrome web browser, which recently had a stable release, increased its share of the market by 0.3 percent to end the month at 3.2 percent of the market. In the last three months, Chrome has gained 0.8 percent - about half the gains made by Mozilla's Firefox. Apple's Safari browser just rose slightly with a share of 4.2 percent.

The Safari browser's performance largely depends on the sale of new Macs. The Safari for Windows browser accounted for less than one-third of a percentage point during the month of September. The Opera browser gained 0.15 percent to take 2.2 percent of the market during the month.

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4 user comments

12.10.2009 13:44

Maybe if IE was more standards compliant then they wouldn't loose as much marketshare as they have been.

The most unfortunate statistic with IE is IE6. It's still at 24.42%, by far the largest share for IE, and was at 25.25% last month. Coming in a distant second is IE7 with 19.39% (20% less!) and IE8 at 16.84%.

If Mozilla sets up Firefox so it could be controlled via Group Policy as well as making the built-in updater centrally manageable then it would have an easier time getting onto Corporate machines that are locked down on to IE6 (or 7, if they are lucky).

I believe corporations also have trouble with upgrading from IE6 because they don't want to spend the money, which could be millions, on redoing their "internal" applications/intranets to run on Firefox correctly as well as having to "retrain" employees on the new browser.

22.10.2009 15:37

I totally agree with the first comment.

On another note, only goofy computer nincompoops use Chrome. It's absolute garbage. These are the same people that use Google EVERYTHING only (i.e. Google search, Google Maps, Google homepages). Enough!!!!! Google maps for one thing, is much less acurate than that of Yahoo maps.

33.10.2009 4:06

The whole aspect of this nonsense is that Microsoft Internet Explorer uses too much resources of anyones system. If Microsoft makes there browser more light weight then it will be gaining again even when it comes to opening and running the browser i have to wait a minute for it to be stable enough for me to start surfing addresses etc...

Sad really...

48.10.2009 17:29

Chrome loads web pages about twice as fast as IE. That is reason enough for me to use it.

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