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UK retailers drop price of PSPgo

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2009 15:10 User comments (4)

UK retailers drop price of PSPgo Just under one week after its launch, UK retailers have already begun dropping the price of the PSPgo handheld, slashing the price from the MSRP of £224.99 to £199.99.
A few of the large retailers cutting the price are HMV, GAME, and Amazon, all in what seems to be a way to unload inventory.

The news follows Sony's Sony announcement yesterday that the handheld was selling "within expectations" and sales were up 120 percent week-on-week.

The online retailer ShopTo however, has said today that PSPgo sales have been slow since launch on October 1st, mainly due to its higher price, and lack of UMD drive.

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4 user comments

16.10.2009 15:37

What happens to the people that already bought one? lol

26.10.2009 16:04

Originally posted by Morreale:
What happens to the people that already bought one? lol

bent down nicely from the weight of the useless shiny brick in their pocket and get stuffed in the *** by sony's monopoly over them..or something :P

37.10.2009 14:34


The sound of the hammer driving the first nail in the coffin.

Maybe if they had some kind of exchange system for people who already bought the UMD game...? Oh Yeah....killed it.

But then again it's kinda like the big "N" and it's cart based systems. You didn't get to return the old carts for next gen versions of the games.

This is Sony's attempt to keep stores like Game Crazy/Stop from getting their piece of the pie.

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47.10.2009 20:01

they could give these things away & i still wouldn't own one until you can pirate all your software as there is no point in making a single purchase on the PSP Go as your games are now worthless thanks to sony & their anti consumer approach to digital distribution.

removing ownership through anti-consumer licensing is a disgrace.


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