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New Nintendo DSi coming next year?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Oct 2009 17:13 User comments (4)

New Nintendo DSi coming next year? According to a new BSN report, Nintendo is readying a DSi successor for late 2010, one that will include a new nVidia processing chip.
The report states the deal has already been struck, and the handheld is currently in development.

It is possible that Nintendo will use the nVidia single Tegra chip, which is more powerful that the DSi's current dual ARM processing chips.

Adds the report: "Given the fact that current Nintendo DS hardware is based upon two ARM cores [ARM7 and ARM9 series], it looks like Next-Gen DS could be backwards compatible with the DS application library, courtesy of ARM11 core inside current Tegra SoC products. According to our sources, "all of the apps that came for old DS can run on a single ARM11 core - yet alone the CorTex A9-based next-gen Tegra, leaving graphics subsystem to do "something smarter". In any case, the hardware is now much more potent and should easily enable developers to push the envelope even further."

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4 user comments

114.10.2009 22:45

So soon?!! Thank goodness I didn't upgraded from my DS Lite. If this is true, I will wait for the next-gen DS.

215.10.2009 3:34

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315.10.2009 16:15

Damn, that means my not so old DSi is outdated, lol. Question, i know the new chip is faster and all, but what does that mean for the gamers? The "DSi 2" will have new games that can't be played on the DSi or DS?

419.10.2009 10:20

I'd like to see bluetooth in the next one DSi and maybe a GPS. A $50 bump in price for a camera just wasn't worth it for me to go to the DSi.

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