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EU amends 'three strikes' bill

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Nov 2009 22:13 User comments (5)

EU amends 'three strikes' bill The EU has ruled to change the Internet piracy "three strikes" bill, in an effort to give more rights to those accused of piracy.
EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding says EU lawmakers and governments are in agreement after two years of negotiations, that those accused of piracy and facing being cut off from the Internet should have the right to a trial.

The bill goes to final approval in the European Parliament at the end of the month.

Now, with the new guarantee, authorities must be able to prove that users were in fact downloading unauthorized copies of music or movies, and all alleged users are presumed innocent.

"Full due process rights will have to apply in any administrative case, except in cases of duly justified urgency, like serious crime, terrorism, child pornography,"
adds Spanish lawmaker Alejo Vidal-Quadras. "This is really a step forward."

"This Internet freedom provision is unprecedented ... and (gives) a strong signal that the EU takes fundamental rights very seriously. (It will) substantially enhance consumer rights and consumer choice in Europe's telecoms markets."

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5 user comments

16.11.2009 3:45

I might have to move to Amsterdam...

26.11.2009 10:32

I heard the brownies are pretty decent there, in Amsterdam...

36.11.2009 11:05

The right to a trial if they're accused? Now they're gonna have their whole court system backed up with this nonsense. Amend the bill? They should abolish it.

46.11.2009 11:43

this could only be a good thing, does anyone think for a second the courts are gonna be happy to pay for these trials, the communication anti piracy organisations (whatever the hell they will be called) are gonna be okay with paying investigators to actually find all the evidence needed to prove them guilty just to get the persons internet connection disconnected. personally i dont think so, after a few people stand up and fight the 3rd strike disconnection the whole thing will be abolished because it'll be too expensive to continue giving the accused a trial.

56.11.2009 13:40

Ha ha ha ha.

Way to go the EU!

Now we have the Lisbon Treaty sorted (which gives greater powers to the directly elected European Parliament) we will have our personal liberty protected.

The very idea that the EU would fall in with the demands of the Anglo-US 'business parties' was laughable.

It wouldn't have withstood one hearing in the court of human rights.

Excellent news.

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