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Google blocks use of hacked Maps Navigation abroad

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Dec 2009 16:43 User comments (3)

Google blocks use of hacked Maps Navigation abroad Last month we reported that members of the XDA Developers forum had created a way to allow users to run the Google Maps Navigation internationally on their DROIDS or G1s, which is currently not supported officially.
As of today however, rooted Android users abroad can no longer use the impressive free turn-by-turn GPS application, as Google has blocked it.

Reads the XDA post: "Google has made some anticipated changes to block us from using Navigation outside the USA. It looks like Brut.all is going to be looking at the original proxy idea again. For now, you might as well upgrade to 3.3.0, as it does have some cool new features (and you can always revert if necessary). Stay tuned to the thread for more details."

For those interested in having the latest information on the cat-and-mouse game should check the thread here: [Think Tank #2 - UNSOLVED] Modifying Maps to enable Navigation outside USA

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3 user comments

19.12.2009 21:20

What I don't get is what could they possibly gain by pissing on their users. Its not like these people didn't pay for their handsets and google maps is a free service to begin with. You would think they would want to have as much exposure as possible. Google likes to be the leader in innovation but they sure know how to stifle it when it comes to the little guy improving upon usability.

29.12.2009 23:25

Good thing it is open source, and they can just mod it again. Still, what a pain in the ***. The only thing I can think is that something about the fine print breaks some european law or something...they have nothing to gain by cutting people (aka google video) sensors content based on the whims of the chinese government...just to get a few hits from the last 20 people in china who don't know how to get around the government blocks.

311.12.2009 18:29

Not to defend google, but I think the reason is the maps are not their property. They are licensed so they could in theory get in a copyright lawsuit mess.

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