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Cox, Dish to add Epix HD channel in 2010

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Dec 2009 3:10 User comments (4)

Cox, Dish to add Epix HD channel in 2010 Cox Communications, the U.S' third largest cable provider, is set to sign a deal to carry the Epix HD channel starting next year.
Additionally, the company is about to sign a deal with Dish Network, the most popular satellite TV provider.

Epix, started earlier this year by Viacom, Lions Gate and MGM, offers pay-for streaming titles but so far has only signed a distribution deal with Verizon.

Cox has 6.2 million customers, Dish has 14 million and Verizon has 2.7 million FiOS TV subscribers. Epix hopes to compete with premium channel Showtime, which has over 17 million subscribers currently.

Epix costs $9.99 a month.

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4 user comments

114.12.2009 21:16

What is the deal going to give Cox? More HD channels? Why bother, when HD on Cox is put up next to HD on Direct their is no comparison. Directv blows cox away. Regardless of how many channels Cox has the picture quality is just not there.

215.12.2009 7:11

what's wrong with HD picture on cox?

316.12.2009 0:22

It's not very good when compared to satellite.

417.12.2009 16:04

Originally posted by pcrazy99:
It's not very good when compared to satellite.
I am a dish subscriber and I wouldn't rate their HD broadcasts all that high. I get disturbed when I see a HD picture that has had digital compression placed against it (black borders at the top, bottom and sides of the film)on my HD set. So instead of receiving a 720P or 1080P picture it is about 480 instead. They save their bandwidth so that they can broadcast more channels. That to me is not HD in the true sense of the word. I know the difference between 4x3 versus 16x9 and what I get on some channels some of the time is less than a 4x3 on a 16x9 high def set. If Direct TV had a better reputation I might consider switching.

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