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Motorola Droid gets multitouch ROM

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Dec 2009 14:02 User comments (2)

Motorola Droid gets multitouch ROM The Motorola Droid, the Time Gadget of the Year for 2009, supports multitouch, but not very well.
There are alternatives for users who want to pinch and zoom like iPhone users can, such as the Dolphin Browser, however native support is still lacking and should be even with the release of firmware 2.1 next month.

However, a post on is touting a new alpha version of a multitouch ROM, which is based on the European Droid (Milestone).

The ROM creator says the ROM will kill your Google Maps Navigation GPS however.

Interested users can read the full post here: Mr. Milestone meet Mr Droid... V0.5

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2 user comments

127.12.2009 21:29

The ROM creator says the ROM will kill your Google Maps Navigation GPS however.
...... Hmmmmm, well maybe it's just because it's in uhhhh, Alpha version???? Who would want to take that feature out?? I don't need it that soon.

227.12.2009 22:12

How is one supposed to replace the "rom" in a mobile phone? It is a "Read Only Memory" manufactured by masking process. As the name suggests it is supposed to be NON erasable, NON changeable, NON volatile and the most stable form of memory. It most certainly is not an eprom or an eeprom which can be "flashed". Funny the word eeprom is thrown up as a bad spelling!!

Am I being too sensitive about incorrect terminology being brandished indiscriminately?

To make Google Maps Navigation GPS work someone has to come up with an installable version of the feature. Perhaps the "ROM" capacity needs to be increased.

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