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CES 2010: Plastic Logic launches powerful, expensive e-reader

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jan 2010 12:29 User comments (5)

CES 2010: Plastic Logic launches powerful, expensive e-reader Plastic Logic has launched the Que e-reader this week at CES, an admittedly powerful device with a giant price tag.
The button-less device has a sleek touchscreen and is completely dependent on multi-touch.

"What we are trying to do at Plastic Logic is give you the benefits of paper without all of the drawbacks," said CEO Richard Archuleta, via Cnet.

The e-reader can access e-mail and calendars via Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Windows Live or Yahoo. The player can read PDFs, Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents natively. Somewhat surprisingly, the display is in black and white, and Archuleta says: "At Plastic Logic, we really celebrate black and white."

Plastic Logic has content deals with USA Today, Zinio, The Financial Times, LibreDigital and the Que's bookstore will be backed by Barnes & Noble.

The 4GB model will include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and will price $650 USD. An 8GB model with 3G will cost $800. There are no monthly fees. Because of the price tag, the player is likely not aimed at the mass consumer audience but more towards high-powered executives.

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5 user comments

18.1.2010 13:05

Neat product but who aims there product at "high-powered executives"?
and B&W, I think we are going backwards in the Tech world.

28.1.2010 13:50

black and white display should be crowned the stupidest idea brought about in this years CES. i mean comon how long has it been since the first color pictures came out? i mean sure for the people who want the real "newspaper" experience you could include a B&W option. but to make it the only option? simply absurd. add the ridiculous price tag and youce got one cool looking yet unefficient paper weight

38.1.2010 18:13

"At Plastic Logic, we really celebrate black and white."
Uh? While I understand not giving the real reason(s), this couldn't have been the best explanation they could come up with. Could it?

Besides, if I am going to spend $650-$800 on a read only device. why not spend a little more and get a tablet PC? Sure, it isn't going to be as thin, but I can do a heck of a lot more with it. Plus it has all of the option the e-reader doesn't plus a lot more storage space.

Then again, have to give them credit for creating it and trying.

49.1.2010 16:16

this is what i dont get. Does addding a color display take more power from an ereader and thats why there not using it? or is it because black and white dipslays cost less to produce?

59.1.2010 17:47

I read the article watched the vid and am still not convinced about the product. I think there is something they are not telling us :)

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