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'Nokia Supreme' costs 99,995

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Jan 2010 5:34 User comments (5)

'Nokia Supreme' costs 99,995 StuartHughes, the brand behind such excess as the $3 million iPhone and the 200,000 PlayStation 3 has released their latest "masterpiece," the 99,995 Nokia Supreme, clearly priced for us, the everyday consumer, unlike the previously mentioned items.
The Supreme has the following specs:
Encrusted with 12.5 cts of Pink diamonds, a magnificent circa of approximately 1225 individually set sparkling gems all of which include a 3ct single cut flawless center diamond. The TW in diamonds is a massive 15.5ct. Solid hallmarked platinum handmade veneers where made with 8 platinum screws as well as the diamond mount for the navigation buttons all weighing an immense 83 grams of platinum. The chest its housed in been crafted from Granite , colour Visak otherwise known as French Blue with beautiful leather hide interior. There is no finer relationship than platinum & diamonds. They are pure, rare, and eternal. The Nokia SUPREME is a true celebration of your individuality. Available as a limited edition of only 3 to be ever made.

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5 user comments

113.1.2010 20:38

Anyone else wondering what a good ring tone for this thing would be?

213.1.2010 21:05

I think this would fit, if every time the phone rings, Hughes gets greeted with:


314.1.2010 06:16

Finally...a phone to buy your trophy bride when she catches you cheating on her!

415.1.2010 14:11

And just when you get it you drop it . ha ha

515.1.2010 17:03

Does anyone know if it actually Works? If it's anything like my N97, it won't be any good for Phone Calls. All you'd do is look at it and say to yourself "I Wonder When The Next Firmware Update Will Be".

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