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Chrome OS, browser, will have own media player

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Jan 2010 8:02 User comments (10)

Chrome OS, browser, will have own media player Speaking with Ars Technica in an extensive internet, Google's Matthew Papakipos, the engineering director for the Chrome OS project, revealed that the operating system and the Chrome browser would include a media player. He said it would be the "equivalent of Windows Media Player." The player will support HTML5 audio and video, as well as Flash, and will be integrated with services on the web.
For example, a GMail user can view an attached video file directly in the Chrome browser because the media player framework is built-in. Google's Chrome operating system allows users to perform every day tasks such as checking e-mail, using social networking or just browsing the web. It is meant to provide long battery life for netbook users in particular.

The inclusion of a Chrome Media Player is then a necessity for users to be able to perform simple multimedia tasks offline. The operating system is still a work in progress by far, as Papakipos reveals that the team is still experimenting with many issues, such as ways to make use of dead space on widescreen monitors (the areas to the right and left of a web page that are blank, and may be quite large amounts of space depending on screen size).


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10 user comments

124.1.2010 9:52

How is that different than windows and media player and we know what that got Microsoft.

224.1.2010 16:21

Originally posted by pagan47:
How is that different than windows and media player and we know what that got Microsoft.
It's from Google, so in no way can it be bad.

324.1.2010 20:12

So how many window apps can this thing run?

424.1.2010 20:24

It also installed itself without me asking or knowing. It just appeared as program on the "all programs' list. Took a reboot, because it wouldn't uninstall and nothing was running. After reboot got rid of it.

524.1.2010 21:41

Well thats why Windows has a seperate media player so that it doesnt conflict w/any work youre doing on the net. Think about it this way: while its convenient to have a player imbedded in chrome, i would think that it would crash the browser unless they have firmwares in the future to fix this. Too many users are experiencing this right now, and what about vulneribilities that could be exploited? There's too much risk right now. Ill wait for future firmware updates until i try it out. It easier to be safe than sorry, IMO.- BLUEBOY

625.1.2010 9:24

Google the new Microsoft be afraid be very afraid.

725.1.2010 18:10

This is a very DUH! article. I would HOPE any 'OS' would have a media player. It's like reporting that a new mobile phone OS has a phonebook function.

826.1.2010 8:44

MMM, Skynet- i mean Google is now taking over- i mean implementing new things. wonder when they will push the red b- i mean lauch the uber OS?

927.1.2010 1:33

I would really like to get my hands on a beta version of this Operating System. I want to know if its like a Linux based system or completely different.

1027.1.2010 3:40

it is linux based,and IICR one can find an alpha/beta if you look hard enough

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