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Steam data shows quick shift to Windows 7 for Steam gamers

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Jan 2010 19:37 User comments (5)

Steam data shows quick shift to Windows 7 for Steam gamers Data acquired by Valve's Steam gaming delivery service shows that a large portion of its users have already decided to switch to Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7. Although it can be installed on Windows Vista, Microsoft has essentially tied DirectX 11 to the new operating system by working with Nvidia Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to maximize its potential for more realistic graphics, improved multimedia performance and other features in Windows 7.
Microsoft sees the potential in Windows 7 offloading tasks to graphics hardware to take the load off of the CPU; certainly not a new concept at all, but one that the Redmond-giant wants to give a bigger role to for even common tasks. Valve data gotten directly from users' computers show that around 23 percent of its users have moved to Windows 7.

Combined with Vista users, about half of all Valve users are capable of installing DirectX 11 on the software side, although Steam is not keeping track of users with DirectX 11 hardware installed yet.

The data also shows that users are installing the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 as opposed to the 32-bit versions. Over 80 percent of Steam users are using multi-core system, with 24 percent running quad-core chips. This data guides Steam in making programming decisions, and is useful for game developers to have in hand. DirectX 11-capable cards haven't been on the market for too long, but ATI claims to have sold over 2 million already.

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5 user comments

124.1.2010 1:06

Hmm, I could imagine it's only natural sine Windows 7 is actually good. And most digital downloaders tend to keep moving forward with technology.

224.1.2010 1:15

Windows 7 isnt anything special (not to say it's bad), it was just marketed well. Going from XP to Vista was a bigger jump, I found very few new features going from Vista to 7. I think most people just weren't ready to move from XP when Vista came out, but by now most people figure it's about time.

324.1.2010 5:25

Had the RC of Win7 and while it was good, it didn't pull me away from my XP x64 bit Pro. The best operating system i've ever used, never crashes and works fast as hell.

424.1.2010 6:31

My experience with Windows 7 has so far been very positive. I did tweak the hell out of it at first (you know, killing the nagging messages etc.) but what I've found with it on a laptop is it is far more stable, and much faster than Vista was, and it seems to have given my battery life a nice boost too :-)

51.2.2010 12:00

I'm curious how much other personal data STEAM is transmitting and whether users agreed to share it...

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