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Chrome increases browser market share, Firefox falls

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 01 Feb 2010 2:16 User comments (16)

Chrome increases browser market share, Firefox falls According to the latest Net Applications data, the Google Chrome browser continues to take market share from rivals Internet Explorer and even Mozilla Firefox, moving to over 5 percent market share for the first time, ever.
IE fell to 62.18 percent from 62.69 in December and Firefox fell from 24.61 to 24.41. Chrome moved from 4.64 percent to 5.20. Notably, Firefox has fallen for two months straight, a fact that hasn't occurred in years.

Of note as well is the fact that Internet Explorer 8 has finally surpassed IE6 for most used IE browser, at 22.31 percent to 20.07 percent.

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16 user comments

11.2.2010 14:42

I don't understand why.

Firefox is clearly the best web browser out there. Google Chrome and I.E. both suck.

21.2.2010 14:45

Originally posted by kikzm33z:
I don't understand why.

Firefox is clearly the best web browser out there. Google Chrome and I.E. both suck.
IMO Firefox is the best browser. However Google Chrome is without a doubt the fastest browser out on the net.

31.2.2010 15:34

i prefer chrome

41.2.2010 15:42

chrome is a fine browser, I am just used to Firefox and it works well why change?

51.2.2010 15:47

I use both firefox and chrome. But as of lately I have been catching my self use chrome a little bit more. Chrome might be the winner for me as im liking it quit a bit.

61.2.2010 15:47

Firefox is still superior IMO. Chrome seems to load pages faster, but I don't like the way the bookmarks are laid out. Firefox has more extensions and it still more customizable.

71.2.2010 15:50

I think it's understandable. There's a finite 'pool' of people (probably about 37.82%) who realize that there are actually browsers out there besides IE. Since only people from this pool are likely to use Chrome, it stands to reason they'd have to abandon their other IE alternative to do so.

I won't be switching over to Chrome unless something that truly rivals Adblock Plus gets released for it though. (Current implementations only hide ads, but don't stop them from being loaded.)

81.2.2010 16:33

Right now I use both Firefox (3.6) and Chrome (Dev. 5.0.307.1). My main browser is Chrome because it feels faster and more responsive to me.

I enjoy ABP (and FlashBlock) in Firefox, however, I only use Firefox if I go to a website with lots of ads or when I am testing my website, in which case I use Chrome, Firefox, IE 7 and 8 (via IETester).

Even though we just got the January results I am anxiously waiting for the February ones from Net Applications to see if Google's IE announcement has any effect on IE6 usage rates. If we are lucky IE6 will drop into the 18% (or lower!) usage range by the end of February.

91.2.2010 18:27

Originally posted by kikzm33z:
I don't understand why.

Firefox is clearly the best web browser out there. Google Chrome and I.E. both suck.
I don't get it personally either...I think I even like Safari more than Chrome (on a Windows PC, no less!). I'm growing increasingly weary of Google's software too...being that they make most of their money via marketing, so have incentive to do all sorts of shady stuff in the background of all their 'free' apps.

101.2.2010 22:12

I like my firfox. I gave chrome a try but went back to firefox to do most of my browsing.

112.2.2010 00:12

I like both Firefox and Chrome but I'm just used to Firefox. I only use Chrome when I need to use an extension that's not available on Firefox.

122.2.2010 02:09

Out of all of them, I think Firefox is more secure, has the best EASY to use features, and most customization out of the others. Once you go Firefox you'll never go back.

132.2.2010 04:32

Chrome is the best browser and nothing else comes close.

142.2.2010 18:05

Originally posted by kikzm33z:
I don't understand why.

Firefox is clearly the best web browser out there. Google Chrome and I.E. both suck.

shows your understanding in web browsers..i dont think anyone here will disagree with you that explorer is the worst of the 3 but saying chorme sucks is plain stupid. you will also find that no one will argue the fact that chrome is the fastest of the 3 and thats why so many people are moving to it. think twice before opening your yap

155.2.2010 15:44

I haver used all three browsers and Chrome is much faster for straight browsing than either IE or Firefox. I am annoyed with Chrome not having the same kind of auto-complete that Google Toolbar has, but I like not wasting my time waiting for pages to load, so Chrome is my choice.

165.2.2010 18:10

for pure speed kazehakase slaughters chrome, which doesn't seem to handle css properly from what I can tell. firefox is getting too much or a resource hog for my liking.. I don't see why a browser should ever need more than 30mb ram allocation.. last firefox I ran (i use a derived thing foss) sucked up over 160.. why?

as for chrome.. nah.. sorry.. I don't like it when there are established (and not profile thief spyware suspected) browsers out there like opera, konqueror and galeon.

you know what REALLY pisses me off though.. This "market share" creap.. when something is free there is NO REAL way to tell how many people use it.. 30% of firefox implementations are running an identifier string that says they are ie to fool M$ websites and others that only accept that junk thing (my local council housing application page for one).. so.. downloads eh? .. Lots of people have downloaded chrome.. I have.. 3 times across the different betas and stuff.. and every time after checking it out I have removed and deleted it.. but I guess they still count those 3 downloads in their "market share" invented figures..

it's all smoke and mirrors.. personally I think it would be better if website owners would stop using so much flash and java with all it's security holes.. lots of times when I just want tyo dump some files off a site I will use dillo.. oh yeah.. a browser that will run with 4mb ram.. fast you say? browser "apparent" speed is again rubbish.. it depends on the website and what other junk it makes you wait for..flash.. java.. gawd knows what else.

Bored with all of these "market share" nonsense discussions.. when something is FREE it doesn't matter if only 2 people use it.. or 200 million or whatever.. it's only when it's a force sold commercial product that "market share" has any importance at all.. anybody know a paid for browser apart from IE??.. perhaps safari? .. that comes with a paid os too. and it's "market share" is what.. 3%? .. does that stop crapple bundling it with their OS?.. nope.. yet probably more mac users run ff and opera than run their proprietary supplied browser.. and how many of those are set to identify themselves as IE?..

My site collects browser identifier stats..

FF 51%
IE 42%
chrome 3%
mozilla 1%
others (guess me using kazehakase, an odd opera user.. 2 last month.. and the one solitary mac user I know drops by on safari) 4%

so my figures.. which no doubt are skewed by the user base.. show chrome has a "market share" or user base.. of less than "random others" .. a figure that becomes clear when you see other peoples computers for repair.. FF or IE.. that's it.. about 50/50

and yes.. I have to use FF variant on afterdawn.. otherwise the ads drive me up the wall..

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