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Windows Mobile 7 expected on Monday

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Feb 2010 16:54 User comments (4)

Windows Mobile 7 expected on Monday Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Mobile 7 on Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, in a final attempt to stop the crushing Windows Mobile market share has taken in the past few years to the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.
"They seem to have lost the world's attention in smart phones," notes analyst Dan Hays, of the consulting firm PRTM.

Although less likely, Microsoft could possibly reveal a Zune HD-based phone, a long-hyped device that could be the best music playing phone on the market. "If that thing had a phone in it ... that would be a pretty darn good device," added Charles Golvin, analyst with Forrester Research, speaking of the Zune HD. "But my own judgment is that this is kind of their last chance. If Windows Mobile doesn't get it right this time around, they're probably toast."

Windows Mobile phones accounted for only 9 percent of smartphone sales in 2009, down from 13.2 in 2008, and down from over 15 percent in 2007.

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4 user comments

112.2.2010 17:34

I hope that WinMobile 7 is as good as the rumors I have been hearing about it. My phone contract is up and I am weighing in if I should dump my iPhone for Android or WinMobile. I like my iPhone ok I guess but I think there is potential in the other two. Blackberry has never impressed me and I have seen all different models and even the current ones are nothing spectacular in my opinion.

213.2.2010 22:53

well itll be out in octoberish, can you wait? if not android or the palm pre plus id say

314.2.2010 9:24

android was a fortune to hook up through Verizon (I believe it was Verizon)
What a joke I'll stick with the Payphone, Everyday there's a new cell phone out that does something new.
Way to much money in this cell phone Crap the Poor are getting dumber and the rich are getting richer.

422.2.2010 12:34

I have had windows mobiles in the past and they suck to be honest, crash just as frequently as any other device that has software on that Bill Gates has put his name to, iphones kick ass, my only gripe is apples complicated simplicity (iTunes anyone??? lol).

MediaMonkey is far better than iTunes, and its free :-)

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