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Hulu for iPad will likely be subscription-only

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Feb 2010 2:52 User comments (2)

Hulu for iPad will likely be subscription-only

According to a new report from MediaMemo, content providers are eager to bring the popular TV and movie streaming service Hulu to the Apple iPad, but the normally free service will become a paid subscription service if it does get exported to the tablet.
Hulu has been long said to be exploring subscription plans, as a way to bring the site a healthier profit.

The first problem for Hulu on the iPad would be Apple's lack of Flash support. Although the partners behind Hulu are looking to create an Apple-friendly version of the site, that seems to be in early development still. It is "unlikely" that any version of Hulu will be available for the iPad launch in late March.

We will keep you updated.

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2 user comments

119.2.2010 14:54

So when tis hacked and you run fire fox on it...then what?

219.2.2010 18:46

does safari even support hulu? if it does then this could be promising, although i feel that any app doesnt need a paid subscription, it needs to be free, cause we already give enough of our money to those big corporate fat cats as it is!! - BLUEBOY

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