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Interesting chart: The rise and fall of Windows Mobile

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Feb 2010 12:30 User comments (3)

Interesting chart: The rise and fall of Windows Mobile Silicon Alley Insider has posted their "Chart of the Day," and it is very interesting how such a simple chart can show how so much has changed, in not a very long period of time.
For the three year period ended December 2009, Windows Mobile fell from over 35 percent smartphone market share to about 17 percent, losing incredible amounts of share to Apple, RIM, and although not pictured, Android.

Making the chart even more notable is the fact that Apple only has one device, the iPhone, whereas Windows Mobile can be the operating system for any number of mobile devices.

The figures are via ComScore, which is known for its accuracy.

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3 user comments

122.2.2010 18:37

So where is good 'ol Palm OS in all of this?

P.S. I DON'T have a Palm device, and I'm NOT a fanboy. I just happened to notice the omission.

223.2.2010 2:36

It's an interesting chart to see how much ground Microsoft have lost. But it would be interesting to have the number one Smartphone OS Symbian in the picture, to see how it all scales.

Android, while not pictured, I believe is around the same level as Apple at the moment, and is forecasted to be the number two Smartphone OS in a few years.

325.2.2010 8:08

Very interesting when put together with these numbers:

Top 3 smartphone OS's shipped in 2009:
Symbian shipped 80.88 million
RIM shipped 34.35 million
Apple shipped 24.89 million

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