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Microsoft to end support for older OS software

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2010 16:10 User comments (3)

Microsoft to end support for older OS software Microsoft Corp. has announced that it plans to end support for older versions (or operating systems running older service packs) in the coming months. On April 13, the Redmond-based software giant will cease support for Windows Vista RTM (Windows Vista without service packs). On July 13, it will end support for all versions of Windows 2000 and also for Windows XP SP2.
"Back in October 2009 we talked about upcoming dates for end of support for certain Windows XP and Windows Vista versions," said Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft's in-house Windows blogger. "Those dates are getting closer and this is the time to remind customers running these versions that there is a need to take action."

Microsoft will also be ending support for Windows Server 2000 on July 13. Windows Server 2003 will be moved from Mainstream Support to Extended Support on the same date meaning Microsoft won't provide no charge incident response, warranty, feature requests or design changes.

"We recommend that those of you still on Windows XP SP2 install the latest service pack available via the Microsoft Update Web site—Windows XP Service Pack 3—or look at moving to Windows 7," LeBlanc said. "Keeping your PC up to date and as safe as possible is something that people need to think about beyond just being on the latest service pack."

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3 user comments

125.2.2010 20:10

Yeah right. Seemed like the last update I did on my laptop, it damn near crashed by system (malware issue), and we expect to trust these people? I don't think so! Microsoft needs to be more alert when it comes to these updates and what they do to their systems. Hell, at least Mozilla has a better track record (in terms of fixing bugs at a decent response time) than Microsoft ever will!

225.2.2010 20:16

microsoft are and have always been purveyors of total shit.. good riddance to obsolete garbage..

next comes the sheep.. baaaaaaaaaa.

now lets see eh.. oh Joseph(billsbumboy)er... where art thou??

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325.2.2010 20:29

I'd like to know why updates even on 7 still require a reboot. It's 2010, but not for Microsoft. 'Waste my time and CPU cycles with virus scanners, spyware-vulnerable software, and updates which require a reboot' -- Microsoft motto

And after July 13, it will be pretty much the first time I'm RELYING at all upon unsupported software. But I'll tell you why. It's XP, it's slim, it's fast, and it comes with the same amount of crap you get in 6 GB of installing 7.

What this definitely means is that IE 9 won't be getting to XP. As a web developer, I better get my VM for Windows 7 (slimmed with vLite) ready.

I use Gentoo Linux 99% of the time.

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