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Sony ships first BRAVIA Freeview HD TVs

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Feb 2010 15:14 User comments (5)

Sony ships first BRAVIA Freeview HD TVs Sony Corp. has announced a new line-up of flat-panel televisions that feature hardware for tuning into Freeview HD content. The consumer electronics giant confirmed that the 19-strong TV line-up will go on sale beginning this weekend. Seven types of BRAVIAs branded TV will be available in different sizes.
The HX703 is available in 40-inch and 46-inch varieties, sport 200Hz frame interpolation and are 3D-capable. The 40-inch model is priced at 1200 while the 46-inch model will set you back 1500.

The NX803 is available 40-inch and 52-inch varieties (1600 and 2300 respectively), the NX703 is available as 40-inch or 46-inch (1300 and 1700 respectively) and the NX503 comes in 32-inch and 40-inch varieties (700 and 950 respectively). All three types sport 200Hz frame interpolation, edge LED backlighting, DLNA and WiFi for accessing content from the Internet.

For those looking for lower prices, the EX703 comes in 32-inch and 40-inch models, with frame interpolation dropped to 100Hz and can take a WiFi adapter as an optional add-on. The EX703 models are priced at 900 for the 32-inch and 1100 for the 40-inch.

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5 user comments

126.2.2010 18:43

whoaa looks so prettyyyy

227.2.2010 15:02

they have to keep coming out with something. keep peeps wanting to buy!

328.2.2010 0:57

Originally posted by peluynati:
they have to keep coming out with something. keep peeps wanting to buy!
the HD turners can't cost more than normal DTV tuners yet the prices are inflated 3x.

it's rather odd that the format for HD freeview has been know for a while & HD freeview has been released in the UK yet they are still selling what are essentially obsolete screens to ppl here.

this release has been delayed so long the the cynic would say it was purposely delayed to sell off all the crap first.

428.2.2010 4:44

HAHA at xmas i got a Samsung 40" 8 series LED, then split with the misses and she ran off with it i was heart broken.... (about loosing the TV)

But to be honest it must have been fate as, since then ive meet a much nicer bird and sonys bringing this baby out at a price thats on par with the series 8 samsungs, which looked fantastic in the store but i found number of issues at home, issues that were suppose to be worked out in series 7 LED's

YOU ROCK SONY !! no all i have to do is wait for dixons to stock it :)

54.3.2010 20:45

sweet looking TV. Would be even better if it had an option to be able to install linux onto it :D

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