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Microsoft begins offering alternative browsers to IE users

Written by James Delahunty @ 01 Mar 2010 9:53 User comments (4)

Microsoft begins offering alternative browsers to IE users Microsoft Corp. has begun offering alternative web browsers to users of its Internet Explorer browser in Europe. Delivered via Windows Update, Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be prompted to make an "important choice" on what software they want to use to browse the web. The move is part of a settlement with the European Commission.
Users of the mentioned operating systems that have already chosen something other than Internet Explorer as a default browser will not be prompted to make a selection. For users with Automatic Updates switched on, the screen should appear within the next few days without any user intervention. If Automatic Updates are turned off, the download can be gotten from Microsoft's Windows Update site itself.

The full list of Web Browsers on offer:
And here is what to expect to see.

Introduction Screen

When the first screen displays, it will also install a shortcut to the Desktop in case the user would prefer to check it later. In Windows 7, it automatically unpins Internet Explorer from the taskbar. If the user selects any other browser, or even opts to stay with Internet Explorer, then it will have to be pinned to the taskbar manually again. This is done easily by locating an Internet Explorer shortcut in the Start Menu or Desktop, right-clicking on it and clicking "pin this program to taskbar".

Selection Screen

The second screen provides the user with a selection of web browsers to choose from. In accordance with the agreement between Microsoft and the European Commission, the browsers will appear in random order. Additional browsers can be viewed by scrolling to the right. The screen provides three options; "Install" to install the selected browser, "Tell Me More" to get more information about a specific browser (provided by the vendor of the browser) and "Select Later" to make a decision at a later time.

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4 user comments

11.3.2010 11:49

A bit of Alzheimer's:)? It looks to me as the same news you posted over a week ago...

21.3.2010 12:47

Well it is kind of a repeat of the last news, cyprusrom, this one is saying "It's now out in the wild". The previous news was saying "It's coming soon".

I have one problem with the way the browser's descriptions are worded even if it's true; IE8's definition is worded "The world's most widely used browser. IE8 makes your...".

The problem I have with that wording is that Joe Average is more likely to pick IE8 based on two things:

1) He's got to click on IE to get to the browser choice window. This is fine because most "Joe Average"'s wouldn't know how to access the Internet otherwise.

2) The wording on IE8 says "The world's most widely used browser." This is further incitement for Joe Average because if he reads the descriptions he'll probably think "It's the most used, it must be better than all the rest."

Well I doubt that this browser choice window will have much of an effect on IE8 rates it would be nice if this further reduces IE6's rate of usage.

321.4.2010 03:07

I have to say one bad thing about this, cause when I got this the first time I didn't know there was a such thing coming up from Microsoft, and I first went on a "panic-hurry-viruscleaner" -spree... I first thought this was a virus, not a MSupdate!

421.4.2010 17:24

*Interesting post but removed due to being completely and totally irrelevant to the News item*.

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