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Apple to update Safari 4.0.5 with Flash plugin crash protection

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Mar 2010 17:52 User comments (4)

Apple to update Safari 4.0.5 with Flash plugin crash protection AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is in the midst of updating Safari, QuickTime and Pro apps, each with significant updates.
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Safari 4.0.5

People familiar with the seedings say one of the primary focuses of Safari 4.0.5 is to fix a regression in the browser's JavaScript engine that manifested with the release of Safari 4.0.4. The maintenance release will also reportedly see certain code blocks, like Move Code, transitioned from the Safari codebase to that of Webkit in order to improve cross platform support.

A short list of other enhancements planned for the Safari 4.0.5 include improved HTML5 Video Playback, quicker loading of the Top Sites panels, faster JavaScript performance, better performance loading YouTube, and an overall reduced memory footprint.

Additionally, the release should also sport a much improved Plug-in manager aimed at reducing the number of crashes caused by plug-ins, including Adobe Flash plug-in, people familiar with the current betas say. These advances will reportedly also improve load times for plug-ins.

Safari 4.0.5 is currently undergoing tests in four distinct distributions: a build for Windows, one for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, one for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and another for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Each are members of the 405Axx build train and weigh between 26 and 38 megabytes.

QuickTime 7.66

Meanwhile, Apple is also evaluating a maintenance, security and performance release for QuickTime 7 labeled QuickTime 7.66. It's expected to be one of the final updates to QuickTime 7 and is currently undergoing evaluation for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows. The current build is said to be build 23.

Pro Applications Update

Finally, the Mac maker is also wrapping up QA testing on a significant maintenance release to its Final Cut Studio and Pro applications labeled "Pro Applications Update." Those familiar with this release, code named "Iron Man," say it was originally scheduled to go live last week but has been pushed back a week or so for further evaluation.

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4 user comments

19.3.2010 0:31

And here I thought that Apple products did not have any problems and were completely perfect in every least that is what the commercials said.

29.3.2010 11:02

as much as i dont liek apple, its flahs thats the problem, not apple

312.3.2010 13:55

Originally posted by shaffaaf:
as much as i dont liek apple, its flahs thats the problem, not apple
Flash is not the problem and please use the spellchecker next time... too many grammar errors.

Apple just prefers to monopolize their technology and probably just can't come with an agreement with Adobe Flash to work properly with their apps and claims it slows down their cpu processors. That's BS, how come PC computers do not have that problem?

Apple needs to step up their game and stop making crappy machines in a pretty box. You can dress a PIG with makeup, hair wig, clothes, but it's still going to be a PIG. Same goes for Apple computers... dress it up all you want on the outside, but the inner core of the computer is the actual problem.

Great work Steve Jobs on the iPad, sounds like you got a Maxi-Pad product with no features that real people want... waste of money.
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412.3.2010 15:18

you dont even state what is wrong with these apple products, just that you dont like them lol.

the innards of the 3GS at the time were top end. yes now it isnt, but give it till june/july and see what they do. as for their PCs, yes they are overpriced, but whats inside is the same as most computers world wide. x86 intel proccessors. nothing wrong with that. the macOS is a good OS aswell. though i wouldnt, and dont use it for my life, it fits many other people.

yes they prefer to monopolise their products, but so what? it helps them with their ecosystem and the people that buy their product buy into that entire ecosystem. adobe flash is horrible, and i hope everyone swaps to the nice and open HTML5. flash wont run nicely on P4s, or atoms, it not apples fault. plus a program should optomise itself for the OS, not the other way around.

while i agree for the ipad comment, even if apple had come out with something you wanted, would you buy it? or would you instead buy somethign else another company would make? me personally would buy the HP slate, but hey thats me. Apple clearly know how to make money and who to target, its why they are so rich adn can get away with lots. Steve jobs is a very clever man, and even if there is no specific target for his giant ipod, he knows that he can create the target.

PS its my spelling that is bad, so why would i need to check my grammar?

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