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Sony and Samsung announce 3D plans

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2010 7:57 User comments (5)

Sony and Samsung announce 3D plans Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics have announced plans to introduce 3D televisions in the coming months. Both companies are betting that 3D televisions will increase revenues as more high-profile titles such as Alice in Wonderland and Avatar hit theaters. Sony also plans to release 3D game titles for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console in time for its 3D launch in June.
Panasonic Corp., the world's fourth largest flat-panel television maker, has teamed up with Best Buy in the United States to promote its line-up of 3D televisions. Best Buy stores will set up viewing areas for customers to sample the 3D TVs, and Panasonic has an ambitious goal of selling 500,000 units in the fiscal year starting April.

Samsung, the industry leader, will sell 46-inch and 55-inch 3D televisions (LCD) in the United States this month, and will add more models to its line-up over the coming months. "It will likely be ardent game players who will first buy 3D TVs as an early adopter," said analyst Alex Oh of Hanwha Securities in Seoul.

"In that sense, Sony, which is envisioning a comprehensive entertainment company, will take advantage of its game business, contents and movies, compared with Samsung and LG, which remain focused on hardware." Analysts warn however that the large number of consumers that bought HDTVs in the past couple of years are very unlikely to invest in 3D any time soon.

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5 user comments

110.3.2010 23:12

Any word on what these will cost, along with the glasses or whatever you need to view in 3D? I'd actually be interested in seeing just how good the technology is now, as compared to the older movies with the red and white paper glasses.

211.3.2010 10:27

If they're showing this 3D thing off in the BB stores, then it can't a gimmick right? I mean, if i sit down on a demo seat and they fail to impress me then the whole thing is pointless. The point being, if they can show it to you, then it has to have some potential (3D, cool or not, who's a better judge than you, right?)

312.3.2010 14:38

This is a stupid gimmick, I mean really who wants to wear glasses to watch TV. I got my wife Lasik surgery for her eyes several years back so she wouldn't have to wear glasses to see, and now if we were to buy a 3D TV she would have to wear glasses so she can see the effects of a 3D TV... this is such stupid idea.

It's just another big hype when they brought back 3D movies into the theaters (My Bloody Valentine, etc.), some of these type of movies did good, but it's not because of the 3D. The last time I went to a movie to watch a 3D movie was "Jaws" when I was a little kid.

Who would want to look like a geeky nerd wearing glasses to watch TV. No thanks, I rather stick to my regular L.E.D. and LCD HDTVs.

I give this 2 years and then you wont see this technology on TVs anymore... they are trying to make us look like the cartoon characters "The Jetsons" and wear stupid things to watch TV so that we can be so futuristic.

It would be so uncomfortable to watch TV with glasses or play my games... I could just see it now, "wear are my 3D glasses, I can't watch TV without them!?!?"

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412.3.2010 14:58

The post above reminds me why the hell people like the Wiimotes so much... Can't they just play games like everyone else? you know, civilized and not looking like a doofus? The causal gamer will say "shut the hell up, who cares how do i look when i play Wii games, i'm having fun!"

If you can rewind the 3D parts of the movie in the theaters, then yeah, i don't think i need to waste money on the 3D glasses. But if i can have all the convenience in my living room, hey, why not? So what i look like a douche bag, i'm the one can see in 3D, lol.

Hey, how about 3D porns?!?!

513.3.2010 11:29

" Hey " , 3d is just the first step ! I want a Holo Room !

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