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Full MS line-up of Natal titles at E3?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2010 7:57 User comments (3)

Full MS line-up of Natal titles at E3? According to comments made by Mindy Mount, CFO of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices division, the games industry can expect to see Microsoft's full line-up of Project Natal titles at this year's E3 event. She said that the company's best designers are working on the platform currently.
Microsoft's Robbie Bach also claimed in January this year that 70-80 percent of game publishers are committed to releasing Natal titles. With Microsoft's first party developers having shrunk in recent years, the size of a full first party line-up is hard to estimate. Reports are that Rare is one developer heavily involved with Natal.

Lionhead Studios are implementing features of Natal into the Fable III title, and smaller first party developer such as Shawnpoint Studios and BigPark reportedly have developments for Natal too.

"We have very strong first and third-party developer support for [Natal]," said Mount. "Needless to say, we're putting some of our best people on coming up with great game ideas for this, and we're going to have some great stuff."

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3 user comments

110.3.2010 9:53

i truly hate microsoft for this whole cherade..
i mean come on its the same goddamn deal every E3. they bring up hype announce it'll be released in a few months and somehow it turns into a year+ so far we havent heard as much as a peep from microsoft about what theyve been able to do with it,future plans for natal as the xbox is pretty old and and its not likely it will feature natal for the same 10 years cycle the ps3 is presumed to have. on top of it no price estimation no true game demos simply nothing. even though this whole thing is availible due to israeli ingenuity (which im proud of) microsoft has turned it into a real air-blower so far.

211.3.2010 3:08

The Playstation eye is already capable of motion gameplay. Not used at all hardly. This is destined to flop.

311.3.2010 10:22

Nothing new :(

I'm actually interested what Natal has to offer... Hey, that reminds me, didn't they shown a Natal game in one of the Smallville episode? You know the kid got his power from a comic book and he was playing this camera thingy at Chloe's place?

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