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Ofcom proposes 3G at 2G frequencies in UK

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 14 Mar 2010 19:08 User comments (1)

Ofcom proposes 3G at 2G frequencies in UK Ofcom has proposed that frequencies reserved for 2G (GSM) networks be used by 3G technologies, complying with an EU deregulation directive on the 900 and 1800MHz bands. The proposal is part of a bunch of changes that Ofcom is proposing, which includes permitting radar installations at level crossings for safety reasons and rule changes on Ultra Wide Band.
While moves by the European Union meant that eventually the UK would permit the use of 2G bands for 3G networks, the subject has been controversial in the UK.

2G frequencies were allocated for use in the UK, whereas 3G spectrum was bought at enormous costs on the basis that it was the only way to operate 3G networks in the region.

Allowing 3G on 2G had its good points, but it devalues the 3G spectrum that operators spent enormous amounts of money to obtain. However, with the UK government standing firmly behind the plan and the EU directive mandating it, Ofcom's final approval should go through in August this year.

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115.3.2010 8:01

This is totally typical of this Labour Government.

The knock on effect of forcing the mobile companies to pay the ridiculous sums of money for 3G spectrum, has been to wipe massive percentages off the companies values, cause massive redundancies and put back investment, causing a knock on to suppliers, this has all knocked on to pensions performing poorly as well, as these companies shares go down in value.

To then say, 'well thanks but again we lied' making your over inflated purchases now near worthless, seems to sum Labour up.

It may serve as a good reminder to UK public about the vast sums Labour got from this £22 Billion, ‘free money for otherwise useless bandwidth’, and where did it all go and why are we all now in debt to the tune of £186 Billion.

No doubt, that they’ll force the companies to re-bid for frequencies they already own, meaning more redundancies etc..., and no doubt, however many £ Billions they get, that’ll all disappear into a black hole again.

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