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FCC to collect data US broadband performance data

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2010 12:42 User comments (5)

FCC to collect data US broadband performance data The FCC will, for the first time ever, be collecting data about the performance of consumer broadband internet connections across the US.
In the past data has been provided by ISPs, and FCC officials have admitted it was worthless while still releasing reports based on it.

In order to get some real world data the FCC has contracted with SamKnows, a company who has worked with UK telecom regulators at Ofcom for similar purposes. Their most recent work showed that users of the most popular UK broadband services were only getting about half the speed advertised.

After soliciting volunteers who have broadband internet service from across the US, SamKnows will be providing specially modified routers which will analyze various aspects of each user's connection. In addition to providing the data and analysis to the FCC, SamKnows will allow participants to view data about their individual connections.

Details on the methodology to be used for the study will be released by the FCC within the next few days.

According to SamKnows' website they will begin taking applications from the public to participate in the study "in the next couple of weeks."

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115.4.2010 14:54

It's about time! My little ISP gives me a little more that what I've contracted for; but I can't imagine providers such as Comcast, whose volume fluctuates dramatically, tapes are often broken, and makes HDTV impossibly expensive, to be generous enough in bandwidth to cover peak viewing hours.

Try this, if you're curious:

215.4.2010 15:45

Every time I try those tests, I get about 10% of the speed that is advertised. This is from having lived in 4 or 5 major city areas. So I'd be glad to get the FCC to check this stuff. So long as there are no privacy issues that are compromised.

315.4.2010 16:32

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417.4.2010 5:55

finally, a revolution!

59.10.2010 23:31

Damn straight.

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