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Video Daily: Android now running on iPhone 3G

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 09 May 2010 9:43 User comments (3)

Video Daily: Android now running on iPhone 3G Late last month iPhone Dev Team member "planetbeing" posted a video showing off a huge accomplishment, the Android OS running on a first-gen iPhone.
This week, "planetbeing" has released a new video, with Android running on the iPhone 3G, giving a lot more iPhone owners the chance to try dual-booting multiple operating systems.

The hacker uses OpeniBoot to boot either the iPhone OS or Android, but he does admit that rebooting is slow "because the NAND and FTL (flash translation layer) drivers aren't optimized yet."

While Wi-Fi, SMS, MMS and other apps work perfectly with Android, the phone loses its "phone" capabilities as audio still does not work through the port. "Planetbeing" says that is currently being worked on, as it is obviously one of the most important parts of having a phone, the ability to make phone calls.

Says the hacker, via DailyTech: "With their help (other developers) I'm sure we'll be able to bring the system to production quality before too long."

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3 user comments

110.5.2010 02:01

You see that apple? It is possible to give a good user experience with your crummy hardware. Of course the phone does not work, but voice/data connections have never been a high priority anyway...if they were, the device would not be on AT&T.

210.5.2010 19:27

So this item is pretty much a PMP, huh? No phone features + video and audio format readable = PMP
Sorry about that: Wi-Fi, SMS and text msgs work on the Android version, just not audio. My bad. (Smacks own face).

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314.5.2010 11:15

hi is there a way to boot windows mobile

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