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E3 2010: PlayStation Move dated and priced

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2010 17:24 User comments (4)

E3 2010: PlayStation Move dated and priced At the Sony E3 Press Conference, the launch date and price information for the awaited Move motion control system were revealed. PlayStation Move will launch in Europe on September 15, in North America on September 19 and in Japan on September 21.
The controller itself will cost $49.99, whereas the navigation controller is sold separately for $29.99. A bundle including the PlayStation Move controller, the Sports Champions game and the PlayStation Eye will cost $99. Those three items will also be sold in a bundle with a PS3 for $399.99 (the bundle does not include the navigation controller).

About 20 Move compatible games are promised by the end of March 2011. At the conference, the first games that were shown controlled by Move were Sorcery and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

Before those games were even demoed though, we did learn that Killzone 3 (due out in February 2011 for PS3) and a SOCOM 4 title will be controllable with Move too.

The conference didn't miss a chance to take some shots at competitors Microsoft and Nintendo either. Kevin Butler (fictional character in the 'It Only Does Everything' campaign) made some jabs at Kinect during an early montage of PlayStation offerings. SCEA president Jack Tretton then also took a jab at Microsoft's Cirque du Soleil performance for Kinect. "Don't worry I won't spit. You don't need any ponchos," he said.

Later in the conference, the Kevin Butler character walked out on stage and immediately took aim at Microsoft. "So am I crazy or did I see 100 French acrobats prancing around the other night?," he asked. "With PlayStation Move, your mom can make your mom jokes when she schools you at table tennis."

The Tiger Woods title will become Move-compatible through a PSN update when the system is launched in September. It will also be featured on the Move demo disc which presumably comes with the system. After the Tiger Woods demonstration, a new title called Heroes on the Move was also announced, featuring Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper.

PlayStation Move will also be promoted further through a deal with Coca Cola.

Some other titles that will be Move-compatible at launch include Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, EyePet, Sports Champions and Kung Fu Rider.

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4 user comments

115.6.2010 18:28

fail. $80 x4 ..... more than the conasole itself

215.6.2010 20:09

Yes, but the applications are more than worth it. I saw the exclusive demo of the Move concept @ the Engadget Show, and woah, man I was impressed at what I saw. As for the added perpherials that they forgot to include in the price: EVERYTHING accessory should be included. Then it would've been cheaper than Kinect on the XBox 360. Other than that minor annoyance, it looks to be decent, except for that ball thing, it looks like something out of Magic the Gathering, weird.

315.6.2010 22:26

I'll probably sell my Wii to buy this if its received well. This looks a little more promising then the Wii's future right now...

415.6.2010 23:33

Originally posted by Morreale:
This looks a little more promising then the Wii's future right now...
That isn't saying much. Once these systems get 3D, this technology might be enjoyable for a few minutes at a time...once in a while anyway...and I don't think we will be seeing 3D from the wii.

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