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NVIDIA pushing '3D PC' spec

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Jun 2010 23:53 User comments (9)

NVIDIA pushing '3D PC' spec While Sony is showing off 3D features of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console today at E3, NVIDIA with support of many big names in the PC industry is trying to push the "3D PC" to consumers. Using the popularity of movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, and the selection of PC games that be displayed in 3D with right hardware, NVIDIA argues that a 3D PC offers the broadest solution for enjoying 3D entertainment at home.
What is a 3D PC? A 3D PC is technically a PC or a notebook on the market that meet the following minimum requirements...
  • Includes a pair of 3D active-shutter glasses.
  • A 120Hz 3D-capable display in the form of a desktop LCD monitor, a 3D projector, a 3D TV, or a notebook PC with an integrated 3D-capable LCD.
  • A discrete graphics processor that is capable of delivering high definition imagery to the 3D display
Among the partners NVIDIA has enlisted in pushing 3D PCs are Alienware, Asus, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba and more to offer the products. Additionally, web stores are also adding 3D PC categories to sell products that meet the three requirements. NVIDIA argues that with a 3D PC you can have access to 3D Hollywood movies through Blu-ray hardware and compatible software such as Cyberlink's line-up.

It pointed out that the recent Masters golf tournament was the first major sporting event to stream live 3D over the Internet, as well as the 1,000 or so 3D videos on YouTube. NVIDIA is working with Adobe and Microsoft to enable better live streaming of 3D video.

Camera manufacturers including Sony and Fujifilm are bringing 3D digital consumer cameras to the market, which you could view and edit on a 3D PC too, NIVIDIA points out.

And of course, who could forget 3D gaming. NVIDIA cites more than 425 PC games that work "beautifully" with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology. Of course, there have also been many official and unofficial modifications to recently released PC games to enable 3D gaming.

"ASUS has a strong track record of pioneering new categories of PCs, as we did with the netbook," said Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS. "Now ASUS is very bullish on developing the 3D PC category by shipping notebooks, desktops and an all-in-one PC equipped with NVIDIA 3D Vision. We believe that all entertainment-based PCs will become 3D capable within a few years."

"People wondering where the cool 3D content is, need to look no further than a 3D PC," said Hidehito Murato, Chief Marketing Executive at Toshiba. "We embrace the advent of 3D Vision-based notebooks which allows users to go 3D 'on the go'. This is by far, one of the most captivating technologies ever introduced on the PC and has uses for practically every type of digital entertainment. The era of 3D is upon us!"

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9 user comments

116.6.2010 1:22

By that definition, a PC with a true 3D display (the kind that does not need glasses) would not be considered a 3D PC...and yes, these systems already exist (but the screens are huge and expensive).

216.6.2010 3:07

After 30 minutes of 3D became annoyance.
3D is nothing else than a treat.....for once in awhile experience.

For now is not anything else.....since 3D was not made for home TV's, PC's or Video Games, etc. in the first place.

This Companies just try to cash out from an idea that started on the 50's. and "maybe" will be ready after 2015 when 3D will be enjoy with out Glasses.

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316.6.2010 3:14

3D is the is just a question of how far into the future. I strongly believe there will be a time that we don't need screens or glasses, and we can just beam 3D TV strait into the brain...I think once they figure out how to do this, 3D will take off big!

416.6.2010 11:19

Step right up and get on the bloody stump of technology!!! I am a fairly early adopter but while I'm sure there will be a standard once it is worth buying you can bet this won't be it. I can't see anything requiring special glasses ($$$) ever taking off.

516.6.2010 12:15

We don't need glasses now, we just need to have an effect of depth with 3D to be true 3D, but too many companies like projected 3D. Look at how the 3DS handles it; get more HDTVs like that, and it would hit the norm sooner than later. As it is tho, the $ tag is way to high for the average household, where people are satisfied with their recent purchase of 1080p screens.

616.6.2010 13:36

This is really getting annoying. Who in the market said we wanted 3D to have a come back??

716.6.2010 23:35

"This is really getting annoying. Who in the market said we wanted 3D to have a come back?"

I think it was James Cameron.

It will get more acceptance as old TVs die, and having support from existing devices like the PS3 and many existing TVs and monitors also helps 3D. Plus, it won't be long before you can get generic 3D glasses on ebay for $25 shipped...and I think most people would be willing to spend $25 on 3D.

817.6.2010 15:33

Agree with KillerBug... Think about it, 3D movies cost $13+ a ticket (comparing to $9 for non 3D version). 3D IMAX tickets are around $17+... Now, how cool will it be to watch the 3D movies on your HD TV? I'm sure Toy Story 3D on Blu-ray will attract a lot of attention :)

917.6.2010 16:02

I think ATi supports this 3D too.

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