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Pakistan wants Facebook CEO Zuckerberg dead

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Jun 2010 12:27 User comments (13)

Pakistan wants Facebook CEO Zuckerberg dead Media reports from Pakistan today are saying that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could face the death penalty in the nation, for allowing users of his site to run a "Draw the Prophet Muhammad" contest last month.
Pakistani penal code allows for the death penalty in certain cases of blasphemy.

The popular social networking site was banned in Pakistan when the contest started, but access was later restored, with all "offensive contents" removed.

While the police in the nation have already started formal proceedings, there is little chance Zuckerberg will be extradited to Pakistan to face his accusers.

Human rights watchdog Privacy International had this to say on the matter: "The move to prosecute Zuckerberg parallels the government’s attempts to shut down a substantial spectrum of internet activity."

Additionally, PI says the Pakistani government is planning to increase its censorship in the nation, which is already one of the world's most censored in terms of Internet activity.

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13 user comments

119.6.2010 13:13

Except for the fact that they want to execution Zuckerberg this tactic sounds a lot like something the MPAA/RIAA would do.

219.6.2010 14:42

What they going to do, have a sleeper agent run him over with a cab?

319.6.2010 19:30

All religions make money out of Brain Wash People with Theories !

Now that the Internet is almost at everywhere in the world. People have more chances to wake up to reality !

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419.6.2010 20:31

right..problem is no one in their right mind would go to pakistan MAYBE unless to escape a vindictive murderer or something like that..

519.6.2010 22:15

Thats not a hotdog Mr.Zuckerberg.

i should put a picture of Mohammad getting F@#$%# in the rear by the Statue of liberty on my Facebook.

620.6.2010 00:13

I'd like to have the death penalty on my head in Pakistan. It'd be a cool bar story.

720.6.2010 09:49

they should be killing the ISP that allowed the people of pakistan to access prohibited material.or maybe that should target the people that uploaded the images???maybe the people that accessed prohibited material????BTW facebook isnt the only site that displays them sort of images.last i checked if someones living in america and isnt braking amerian law another country can't just extradite them and execute them.

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820.6.2010 16:31

They should have not run this contest in the first place and on the other hand i can't imagine how difficult it is for Facebook as a whole to make sure that their site is obeying every single countries legislation world wide. Between a rock and a hard place.

920.6.2010 19:04

This is a freakin one else complains of the satirical cartoons drawn of Christ. Get a grip and a life

1020.6.2010 21:28

This is the funnist thing I've read all day.

1120.6.2010 22:29

Originally posted by DXR88:
Thats not a hotdog Mr.Zuckerberg.

i should put a picture of Mohammad getting F@#$%# in the rear by the Statue of liberty on my Facebook.
Everyone should for a day. Just one day of the year, we just go F*** you and have that as our avatar.

1224.6.2010 11:54

Pre-enlightenment human existence called...they want their ignorance back.

1324.6.2010 12:54

Good is only good if there is a chance to do evil. Clearly this government wishes to do evil in the name of preventing the opportunity of evil to others, and thus preventing them from being good. Why is it that those who claim to follow god spend so much time seeking the devil?

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