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HTC EVO 4G in short supply

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Jun 2010 0:44 User comments (4)

HTC EVO 4G in short supply Sprint has said today that they are seeing shortages of the popular HTC EVO 4G smartphone, with CEO Dan Hesse saying some areas have had much higher-than-expected demand.
Hesse went as far as to say that he wishes there was more supply at launch, on June 4th.

"The device is more popular than we or HTC could foresee,"
said the CEO, via Reuters.

The CEO was then asked if the spot shortages was due to component shortages in Asia, but Hesse referred those questions over to HTC, which said there were no shortages.

"We're certainly doing everything we can to ensure we're supplying devices as quickly as possible. We're seeing greater demand for our products than we ever have in the past," said HTC spokesman Keith Nowak.

Additionally, HTC is also seeing spot shortages of the Droid Incredible, which is sold by Verizon.

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4 user comments

130.6.2010 3:24

What is it with HTC and their stock issues? I recently had to wait 2 weeks on the HTC Desire because of that.

230.6.2010 6:15

I sometimes get the feeling that HTC cuts a lot of corners...maybe it is because their phones are a bit crash-happy, maybe it is because they are often under stock. Maybe it is just my experience.

330.6.2010 7:54

This is such an old news, I mean when I ordered my Htc Evo, it took me two weeks to get it. We already know that it is under shortage o_O, and so far I had no problem with HTC except the battery life at first until i figured out that i need to close my background apps.

430.6.2010 14:58

short supply confuses me walked in a week after it came out ordered one got it 4 days later without any problems so if you really want one just walk in put $50 down and they will call you when it arives

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