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New iPod Touch will have camera, FaceTime?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2010 1:10 User comments (3)

New iPod Touch will have camera, FaceTime? UK retailer John Lewis has presented info given to them by suppliers, and it appears that in September the iPod Touch will finally get a much-needed refresh, adding new hardware and software features.
The media player will add a 5MP camera with flash, which will also be able to shoot 720p HD video.

Furthermore, the device will get a gyroscope and accelerometer, as well as FaceTime for video conferencing.

Rob Hennessey of the retailer also says the new iPod will be marketed towards "teens" and "youths," moving slightly away from previous marketing directives.

Additionally, social networking will be a centerpiece, likely meaning Facebook and Twitter apps will be pre-installed.

Pic, story, via Pocket-Lint:

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3 user comments

19.7.2010 6:58

Little good will a camera do an ipod; everything Apple does is proprietary, meaning: what format will the photos be in and will it be a common type? Apple already forbids transfer on the USB cable for anything other than photos, video, etc. But let's say you put your photo into a document, it will be difficult trying to get it out of the device.
And so, you'll need a secured (not public) wi-fi connection to trnasfer ANYTHING!
I love my ipod. But it's unnerving doing everything within Apple's tight restrictions.

29.7.2010 9:44

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39.7.2010 14:06

Originally posted by USiTunes:
spam edited by ddp
Granted the whole post is ridiculous and fanboyish on the face of it,like something from an apple ad but seriously this had me grasping for breath:
"8. The iPhone as it is known today as a carrier-dependent device is gone "

Your not exactly a citizen in the USA are you deeps**t
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