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Jobs rekindles rumors after Verizon iPhone comment

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Jul 2010 16:24 User comments (3)

Jobs rekindles rumors after Verizon iPhone comment During his Q&A session yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revived the iPhone on Verizon rumors for the United States.
When asked about how the Apple headquarters in Cupertino has such good cell and data reception, Jobs said: "Weve got strong signal here. We have AT&T and Verizon cell sites on campus."

While the comment could be innocent given the fact that Verizon is the most popular carrier in the United States, the flames of Verizon iPhone rumors over the years have been rekindled thanks to the comment.

Apple could be in development of a Verizon iPhone, and needs the cell site, no one outside of Apple knows.

Last month, Bloomberg cited sources that claimed Apple will make a Verizon iPhone 4 available starting in January. That rumor is of course still unconfirmed.

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3 user comments

117.7.2010 16:41

Oh good now the iPhone won't have anymore dropped calls!

217.7.2010 18:10

Very odd they would have a Verizon tower though who better to know what great quality iPhones are. That said, I am sure they have a lot of employees that won't touch an

319.7.2010 1:27

With the class action lawsuit thats brewing, they'll probably be forced to open it up to other carriers.

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