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Verizon to introduce tiered smartphone data plans this month?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jul 2010 3:38 User comments (7)

Verizon to introduce tiered smartphone data plans this month? Last month, AT&T killed off the popular "unlimited" data plan for new smartphone users, instead creating tiered, capped plans.
Verizon confirmed last month they were considering doing the same, and it appears they may be ready to do so before the end of the month, killing off their "unlimited" 5GB data plan in exchange for tiered plans.

Engadget has reported that Verizon will introduce the new scheme on July 29th.

Reportedly, the plan will be $15 for 200MB of data per month, and $25 for 2GB.

For those that want to keep their unlimited plans and not worry about paying expensive premiums for less data, T-Mobile and Sprint have said they have no intention of capping connections.

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7 user comments

121.7.2010 4:36

I really hope they don't grandfather me...Verizon is turning to crap quickly, as their competition has caught up while offering lower prices. When I got my droid, average 3G speeds were over I am lucky to get 1.6mbps...seems like even without a cap, they are trying to drop my speeds so low that I can't watch video anyway.

221.7.2010 8:16

that shit wouldn't really make sense when verizon has said most of their smartphone users on average use 700MB per month. At best people will get to save 5 bucks and get stuck with limited plans. I had hoped they would be more reasonable with their lowest data plan if they did that but I guess monkey see monkey do.

321.7.2010 9:35

Those prices seem strangely familiar.

421.7.2010 11:10

That's really annoying. I joined Verizon because I lover their unlimited plan and now this? Bummer. I blame Apple.

521.7.2010 12:19

retarded...i stay with Sprint

621.7.2010 19:41

So the 2GB plan is 25$ per 2GB right......RRIIGGHHHTTTTTTT?

716.8.2010 19:20

Crap...and I was seriously considering replacing my Sprint contract with Verizon. I hate companies that offer you less service for more money.

Looking at my last 6 months of usage, I've broken 200megs twice...which would have totalled an extra $30 over my normal plan. So they'd get me for prolly an extra $60/year that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Nice way to milk extra money from the rubes...I mean...customers =/.

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