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HP working on WebOS netbooks

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Jul 2010 22:36 User comments (2)

HP working on WebOS netbooks During the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference this week, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has confirmed that the company, under the new management of HP, will also be creating WebOS netbooks, alongside tablets, smartphones and printers.
Says Rubinstein: "We're working a wide variety, as Todd said, smartphones definitely, slates, netbooks, working with the guys in the printer group. webOS [...] will have a unified user interface across all of these, will have a unified developer environment, and it's all based on the foundation that we build in webOS from day one.

When we developed webOS, we thought about making this scalable across a variety of mobile devices; that's what we'll be delivering going forward."

While tablets, printers and smartphones had been confirmed in the past by either HP or Palm, netbooks had only vaguely been mentioned.

In April, HP purchased Palm for $1.2 billion, after outbidding RIM, Apple and Lenovo.

With the acquisition, the company also acquired all of Palm's patents and its WebOS mobile operating system.

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2 user comments

123.7.2010 2:08

they change their vision every few days..

22.8.2010 16:31

Originally posted by Josipher:
they change their vision every few days..
You never know if they are looking from India or the US.

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