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Facebook testing "Delete Account" button

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Jul 2010 0:38 User comments (8)

Facebook testing "Delete Account" button While Facebook users have long complained about the inability to completely delete an account, it appears the social networking giant has taken that into account, testing a full "Delete Account" button in addition to the current "Deactivate Account" button.
In the past, to delete your account required deactivating it and then getting in touch with a Facebook staff member to finally have it truly deleted. After that, you have to not access your page for 14 days for it to stay completely deleted.

One-click will make the process significantly easier.

For now, the button can only be seen by a few select users, as it is part of a test.

Says Facebook: "We are constantly testing new ideas, including the placement of various features. One of these recent tests included variations of the delete account option for a very small percentage of people."

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8 user comments

127.7.2010 2:50

i dont understand why this wasnt available from the start

227.7.2010 4:22

Originally posted by elbald90:
i dont understand why this wasnt available from the start
advertising, they farm your details then sell them on much like the UK government do.

327.7.2010 6:29

These bastards won't secure your information, and then they refuse to remove it from their servers. At this point, I will never trust them again, but maybe they can prevent others from getting to this point.

427.7.2010 18:10

I've only registered a fake account to access things when I need to. Other than that, I have Facebook completely blocked.

527.7.2010 23:09

They knew if there was a delete button people would use it, guess they have seen i deleted my facebook account to get a life t shirt

628.7.2010 12:04

And zippy is testing brains button........*push push*

72.8.2010 5:13

There seems to be no simple way to delete your Afterdawn profile either, nor many parts of them. I went through and laboriously edited all my blogs to be blank but couldn't actually delete them. When I tried to go and edit old comments on shoutboxes, I couldn't do that either. If I replaced a comment with a dot (the closest thing it lets you do to blanking it, it left didn't truly delete my comment, it just added a new "." comment to the most recent shoutbox pages. Yes I know about letting the newsletter go to spam for several months. But that just deactivates the profile, not really takes it away. And unlike a lot of people I don't feel the need to go around pissing people off just to be banned.

82.8.2010 12:11

word up.
facebook sucks balls.
so does myspace & all social net sites.
its all data mining.

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