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VirnetX to sue more companies over patents

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Aug 2010 12:20 User comments (6)

VirnetX to sue more companies over patents In May, software giant Microsoft settled with little known company VirnetX for $200 million, after the former had been accused of patent infringement.
The patents in question covered methods for establishing Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Microsoft now licenses the technology going forward.

This week, however, VirnetX has filed similar lawsuits against other technology companies, including Apple, Cisco, NEC and Aastra. VirnetX says each of the companies is currently violating at least one of five of the company's patents relating to network communication.

The company is seeking monetary damages and injunctions against the products.

Without the aforementioned Microsoft settlement, the company was practically dead in the water, with a reported revenue of just $43,920 for 2009.

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6 user comments

114.8.2010 20:05

I always love watching small guys attack big guys.

215.8.2010 12:25

I always love watching the small guys win in that attack

316.8.2010 16:51

Love it.

416.8.2010 17:17

The beauty of it is, this was a dying company. They only made $43,000 last year. So this may mean a jump-start in their company. I don't exactly know what their goals are, but it is nice to see.

516.8.2010 22:41

Their goals? Clearly their first goal is to get paid for what they already have on the market, distributed through the products of others.

After that? I bet they will try to go cloud. They have already mastered remote it is time for them to master remote gaming desktop.

620.8.2010 15:35

before i start applauding, i really would like to read the exact text of these patents. This could be a case of Patent abuse, which i would never encourage no mater WHO the victim is.. although i do love seeing Micro@#$% pay.

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