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Nokia fires Kallasvuo - new CEO from Microsoft

Written by Jari Ketola @ 10 Sep 2010 2:16 User comments (8)

Nokia fires Kallasvuo - new CEO from Microsoft Nokia's Board of Directors has appointed Stephen Elop President and Chief Executive Officer of Nokia as of September 21. Elop currently heads Microsoft's Business Division. Before joining Microsoft, Elop held senior executive positions in a number of US-based public companies, including Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems Inc. and Macromedia Inc. He holds a degree in computer engineering and management from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, which is his home country.
Elop commented on his new Nokia position:
I am extremely excited to become part of a team dedicated to strengthening Nokia's position as the undisputed leader of the mobile communications industry, with a relentless focus on meeting the needs and expectations of customers. Nokia has a unique global position as well as a great brand upon which we can build. The company has deeply talented and dedicated people, and I am confident that together we can continue to deliver innovative products that meet the needs of consumers. The Nokia slogan clearly states our key mission: Connecting People, which will acquire new dimensions as we build our portfolio of products, solutions and services.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will leave his current position as President and CEO of Nokia on September 20, 2010 and his position on the Nokia Board of Directors with immediate effect. He will continue to chair the Board of Nokia Siemens Networks in a non-executive capacity.

Kallasvuo has been the target of criticism from investors for quite some time now. The markets have been displeased with Nokia's ability to compete with Apple's iPhone and, more recently, Android based smart-phones. It remains to be seen whether the change in leadership along with new phone models, such as the Nokia N8 will restore faith in the company.

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8 user comments

110.9.2010 02:21

I must be out of date...what is a CEO fro?

210.9.2010 04:41

Basically a CEO is the highest ranked person within a company. Something like a general manager.

310.9.2010 06:32

Nokia is going the way internet Explorer is headed..get over it

410.9.2010 08:40

Originally posted by KillerBug:
I must be out of date...what is a CEO fro?
chief executive officer

510.9.2010 09:50

I know the CEO part, I was just giving the poster a hard time for a spelling error in the headline.

610.9.2010 14:02

Be nice to the noobs :)

Really Nokia can not compete with iphone yet because dun dun dun!!!!!! they still use edited by ddp buttons. I swear that nokia's market research should be based on stupid people as they are a one click phone company and that's it, marking to first time users and older users where the middle have better phones. The variety of the iphone (The Apps) makes it a simple design phone and sleak (LOL one screen one button heelllloo Nokia haha) So a stupid person would ask, "Does it have the wifi's" and you shove a iphone down their throat with a 24 month contract. Nokia models i believe are based for user control 15 years ago when the 3310 was cool. Sure the menu is still better but their design is not iphone which is why i have a iphone. As i am not surprised that the investors are not happy with nokia and they own iphone's as well which is why nokia needs to get more cut throat with the touch screens but keeping their same image "iStupid", which it is possible but then again how many buttons would it have.

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711.9.2010 08:16

They can't compete with anyone...every android maker is competing with apple...and it seems apple is loosing ground...but nokia is sitting on the sidelines with crummy phones that most people won't even accept as a gift...and they are loosing market share faster than anyone.

811.9.2010 09:19

hell .blackberry is better than nokia and they are loosing market share to Icrap and android more and more every day.

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