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Samsung demos 330Mbps WiMAX at CEATEC 2010

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 04 Oct 2010 16:31 User comments (3)

Samsung demos 330Mbps WiMAX at CEATEC 2010 South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., is showing its progress in the future of WiMAX technology at CEATEC in Tokyo, Japan. With UQ Communications, Samsung is demonstrating WiMAX 2, based on IEEE 802.16m, that can achieve speed of 330Mbps. Using the WiMAX 2 system and device, Samsung and UQ are showing Full-HD 3D videos and 16 Full-HD videos on 4 LFD TVs simultaneously.
"It is expected that the demands for Wireless Broadband will exponentially grow. In this regard, the recognition of real worth of Mobile WiMAX, a true 4G technology, will increase not only in Japan but also around the world," said Akio Nozaka, President of UQ Communications. "Through this demonstration at CEATEC, we aim to show the excellences of new world by Mobile WiMAX, in cooperation with Samsung."

WiMAX 2 standards are expected to be finalized by November 2010. Samsung is seeking to take the lead in its rapid commercialization and deployment and show itself to be a leading system and device provider for Mobile WiMAX. Samsung plans to introduce the first commercial solutions of WiMAX 2 in the end of 2011.

"Technology never stops evolving. As the demand for data bandwidth and speed grows exponentially, technology has needed to respond. Mobile WiMAX opened up the era of Mobile broadband and is already component of many optimized solutions." said Woonsub Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of the Telecommunication Systems Business of Samsung Electronics.

"We strongly believe WiMAX 2 will deliver even richer communication services to customers while unlocking a potential opportunity for service providers. Through the collaborations with our partners in the WiMAX ecosystem, Samsung has devoted its efforts to developing the most advanced solutions at the right time so that customers can maximize the benefits of using Mobile WiMAX." Kim added.

WiMAX 2 enables more efficient, faster and more converged data communications, which providing strong integration compatibility with deployed Mobile WiMAX stations. Current operators can migrate to WiMAX 2 by upgrading channel cards or their system software, and subscribers using Mobile WiMAX devices can communicate through the new WiMAX 2 system.

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3 user comments

14.10.2010 17:56

That is pretty sick

24.10.2010 23:15 can theoretically do 330mbps, but in the real world, the towers will be intentionally limited to 5mbps, and everyone will have a 2GB cap!

Why are they even wasting time with this? Hasn't 4G (real 4G...the gigabit stuff) been finalized? Why waste time with some oddball tech that is only 1/3 the speed?

35.10.2010 1:12

4G is still developing and it would still be new technology, just because it is out does not mean it will completely work. Optus AUS used to crash their network on a monthly basis and they have the 4G here due to Telsta has the 3.5 for so long and no one else had it.

Just give it time we will eventually advance out of the stone age

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