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AT&T launches U-verse TV on Xbox 360

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Oct 2010 19:12 User comments (5)

AT&T launches U-verse TV on Xbox 360 AT&T has announced today that their popular IPTV service U-Verse has been expanded to the Xbox 360 gaming console.
Starting on October 15th, gamers can access the service through their consoles, eliminating the need to purchase a new receiver for their home.

With the launch, AT&T is the first TV provider in the states to offer live TV via the console.

Additionally, the company has announced the launch of "U-Verse Mobile" for upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.

Starting next month, the Mobile app will be preloaded on AT&T WP7 devices.

"Now you can get our award-winning U-verse services on your big screen TV, online, on your mobile phone, and integrated with your Xbox 360," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Our IPTV strategy is putting AT&T at the forefront by delivering U-verse content where you want it. And now we're extending the U-verse experience to more AT&T smartphone customers with the upcoming launch of U-verse Mobile on Windows Phone 7 devices."

For the 360, subscribers will need to purchase a $99 Xbox Kit which is installed for free by a U-Verse technician. Having a 360, however, eliminates the need for an additional receiver taking up space in the house.

The company says "using your Xbox 360 as a U-verse receiver, you can receive chat and game invitations from friends through Xbox Live while watching live TV and switch seamlessly from game to TV mode without switching video inputs on your TV screen. You will enjoy virtually the same U-verse TV experience and features available today, including the ability to watch live TV, manage and play back DVR recordings and access interactive apps, your program guide, the On Demand library and more."

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5 user comments

111.10.2010 19:27

So what's in the kit? Where do the recordings store? Wish I could get U-Verse by me especially now since Fox Networks and Dish Network are in a pissing match and I have lost some channels already and threatening to lose more.

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212.10.2010 0:49

Boy this should be interesting. AT&T Uverse sucks as it is. Adding to the package for xbox360 is just down right highway robbery. I worked as a tier 1 technical support agent for Uverse recently and I will not ever recommend their services at all. If the Residential Gateway goes down, guess what? All of your services go down and generally doesn't come back up. I know that for a fact.

312.10.2010 8:29

Us in the UK have had SKY on XBOX for ages. So...

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415.10.2010 22:26

Personally our family LOVES u-verse television and internet. We lived in Connecticut and were one of the first with in the state. There were of course problems but they were readily fixed and if not they generously compensated us not by a day or so but half a month or more credit and other perks for when the service was restored. By the time we moved they had most of the kinks worked out. Now we live in Florida and specifically moved to an area so we could once again use U-verse. When and if the gateway crashes it reboots and all comes back online in less than 5 minutes. The price, quality and features are wonderful; along with customer service and tech support. GryphB I'm sorry to hear about the bad problems for the area you took calls from. What area did you cover? Since Xbox is located on the same tv as the dvr we won't be spending the extra $90 any time soon. However we are considering some of the mobile options as they are made available.

524.12.2010 11:57

So, will this work on a jtagged 360?

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