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Netflix streaming-only plan goes live soon

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Oct 2010 20:14 User comments (5)

Netflix streaming-only plan goes live soon Engadget has posted this weekend that Netflix is already testing a streaming-only plan for U.S. subscribers.
For $7.99, the streaming-only plan will give users a chance to watch 15,000 movies and TV shows from Netflix's "Watch Instantly" catalog.

Users will not get any physical media rentals in the mail, however, if they choose the plan.

Mixed plans that offer unlimited streaming and 1-disc-out at a time currently cost subscribers $10 per month.

CEO Reed Hastings had implied that the streaming-only model has been very successful in Canada and so they have accelerated plans for the U.S. version.

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5 user comments

124.10.2010 20:57

Ah, It feel good to get something in Canada first for once.
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225.10.2010 0:43

I think netflix is cool just need to get movies a little more earlier and I will be on the boat for good.

327.10.2010 15:46

is it just me or has the prices gone up based from this article. It appears the mix 1 - 2 - 3 disc option has gone up a Dollar. So does that mean with this new streaming they are offering at $7.99, Netflix are going to raise their prices. I know it's not much but it already sucks we have to wait 28 days for New movies because of the movie studios and have to go to Redbox to get a new movie.

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44.11.2010 8:10

will that be hdtv/5.1 sound for netflix

54.11.2010 18:25

I'm currently on the 'one at a time' plan. I get 2 dvd's a week, and unlimited streaming for $10. Under the streaming only plan, I could save $2 a month. Let's see, 8 dvd's a month for $2 more. At 25 each, I think I'll stay with what I have, but to each his own.

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