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Firefox 4 will have two more betas

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2011 2:56 User comments (9)

Firefox 4 will have two more betas Mozilla has confirmed that there will be two more beta releases of the upcoming Firefox 4 browser, before a true RC hits.
The company had promised 11 betas of the browser, and the 12th was a "just in case" that now seems necessary.

Says Christian Legnitto, Firefox release manager at Mozilla (via Soft):

The current plan is to build [Firefox 4.0 Beta 12] when the remaining betaN hardblockers are done. This is heavily dependent on fix and blocker creation rate.

I will be doing some analysis to give people a possible date range, but as far as development is concerned everything is the same (fix as many betaN hardblockers as quickly as possible).

Beta 11 is set for release to testers this week.

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9 user comments

15.2.2011 3:13

This means nothing to me. They still haven't and will not admit to not caring at all about memory leaks, resulting in that when you leave Firefox on Google for several hours it increases memory till it runs out. I've had Firefox for me go to using up gigabytes for only a few tabs of light sites (i.e not Facebook). It is so bad you have to close out Firefox, and they even mention this in their Wiki. What kind of an excuse is that?

This is precisely why I moved to Chrome about a month ago. Still use Firefox for some development (while trying to move to Chrome), only due to Firebug being a tad bit easier to use than Chrome's Developer Tools (really Webkit's). Not only that, but Chrome has a far better Javascript engine, the fastest one. I agree with anyone that the interface is not there yet but I can't argue with speed and reliability.

25.2.2011 7:03

FF isn't perfect, but I still prefer it to chrome. Life is good without ads. I know there is a port of adblock+ for chrome, but it is an early russian beta that only works with developer versions of chrome...FAIL.

As for the leaks, I have not seen them since the 2.x days; and I frequently run multiple windows of firefox, with dozens of tabs open in each. I have been online with firefox all night; watching movies on netflix, watching youtube videos and flash, pausing things and then never coming back to that tab, PDFs open, you name it...I have at least 50 tabs open between three windows, and I am still only using 431MB of memory for firefox...make that just dropped without me closing anything.

35.2.2011 7:32

The memory bug is really the MOST annoying.
I really hoped they fixxed it in FF4.
Running two dozens of tabs in one windows results in using nearly 2GB memory after 2 days. OK i'm running my PC 24/7, but not to fix that HUGE bug is a absolutely NOGO.

45.2.2011 8:31

ive ran FF for years and never had it memory leak on me ever ive been using FF since version 1.5

i use FF alpha versions ALOT and very rarely do i ever start up FF stable versions and when i start doing work related stuff on FF it has hundreds of tabs open it never has lagged or anything for me ever chrome i find is slow to start and lacks something i cant say what but its missing something just doesnt feel right

FF4 is a very fast loader it currently has a little problem with hotmail as it can sometimes reload the page forever

55.2.2011 11:28
Unverified new user

The respect of my private life is enough to me not to surf on Chrome

65.2.2011 13:42

its crap removed it from my pc could not even read my emails due to java script jumping all over the place in it went back to the 3.6.13 version so unless they get their act together i wont be upgrading to it

75.2.2011 16:49
Unverified new user

The memory usage in the latest nightly builds of FF4 have improved significantly.

85.2.2011 23:59

Originally posted by e45:
its crap removed it from my pc could not even read my emails due to java script jumping all over the place in it went back to the 3.6.13 version so unless they get their act together i wont be upgrading to it
i feel your pain , it says javascript void i dunno i was about to uninstall the browser due to not being about the read my own email with out it refreshing every second and when i click on an email it goes to the email but then goes back to the inbox folder.

921.2.2011 4:06
Unverified new user

want to store it

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