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Intel to show off Atom-based MeeGo smartphone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Feb 2011 0:22 User comments (5)

Intel to show off Atom-based MeeGo smartphone MeetMeeGo tweeted a teaser picture today, revealing that Intel will show off an Atom-based MeeGo smartphone tomorrow at the Mobile World Congress.
The unknown device will be unveiled alongside a MeeGo tablet, although both are still mostly unknown.

Intel's Atom is its new Medfield processor, which will be smaller and cooler than the current-gen Oak Trail platform.

Medfield is expected to be the first processor that can be used in a smartphone and meet expectations for good battery life.

There is even less info known about the tablet.

We will keep you updated.

(Pic via Tweet)

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5 user comments

114.2.2011 3:24

Even nokia won't use this, so why does intel think it should still be pushed?

214.2.2011 5:55

I was thinking the same thing...if I am buying a device with an atom processor, then I want a real Linux distro, not a "mobile" one like MeeGo or Android...and if I actually did have to settle for one of those, I would go with the one that has apps.

314.2.2011 6:23

Have you thought the possibility that Nokia didn't used Meego because they didn't have resources to develop a product with it? After all, Meego is partly intels product also so they might have some know how also how to make it better...

414.2.2011 14:24

MeeGO = NoGO!


518.2.2011 16:32

iOS is closed

WP7 is closed

Android is open, but not secure. Too many back doors required to support the Google business model. It is primarily targeted at StrongARM processors. It is heavily Java-based. It has the worst reliability and performance on the market. And I have a Droid X, so it does not get much better than that.

MeeGo is open, based on x86, developed in C++, uses Qt Mobile UI. it is an ideal platform for building secure, fast, and open applications. I hope it lives on. If it does, there are thousands of Qt/Linux apps ready to drop in until the Qt Mobile apps reach critical mass.

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