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Internet Explorer 9 RC downloaded 2 million times

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Feb 2011 19:27 User comments (6)

Internet Explorer 9 RC downloaded 2 million times Microsoft has reported today that its recently launched Internet Explorer 9 RC has been downloaded over 2 million times.
The RC was made available on February 10th.

Microsoft says it is "humbled by the enthusiasm and uptake of IE9" and will soon begin notifying beta testers to upgrade. That move should lead to millions more downloads, anticipates the software giant.

Internet Explorer 9 was also confirmed for Windows Phone 7 devices, although the time frame is still unknown.

As of the RC, Microsoft claims their IE9 JavaScript engine is the fastest of all current browsers (based on SunSpider benchmarks). The browser also adds improved JavaScript and tons of added security features.

After the release of IE9 RC, rival Mozilla took a shot at the browser calling it "not modern" and "two years too late."

Download IE9 RC here:

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6 user comments

118.2.2011 22:10

2 Million times..thought nobody wanted Internet Explorer?

Also it sounds like Mozilla is a bit threatened. Firefox is a good browser too but so far IE9 seems pretty solid.

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218.2.2011 23:26

The two million most optimistic downloaders on the planet.

319.2.2011 12:28

Why should Mozilla be threatened at all. Sure IE may be used by the majority of the business world, but it always good to see alternatives in browsers. Come on Mozilla, your fine and quit acting like a toddler. Get over it man!

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420.2.2011 10:54

I wanted to stay with IE, but IE8 has caused me problems on my old PC, forcing me to use Firefox. I have a new PC now and using IE8 with improved performance. Now I am waiting for IE9 final version so that I can upgrade to the next stable release.

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525.2.2011 10:26

IE9 and Mozilla? What is that? Chrome is all we need :)

626.2.2011 0:25

So far so good. Probably one of the best IE ever. That said, I'm a Firefox/Chrome user and plan to continue that way.

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