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Nokia already testing four Windows Phone 7 devices

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Mar 2011 15:28 User comments (2)

Nokia already testing four Windows Phone 7 devices According to tweets from Eldar Murtazin, Nokia is already testing up to four Windows Phone 7 devices, each of which will be aimed at different markets.
Says Murtazin (via Soft):

Nokia R&D - 4 Windows Phone 7 and 1 tablet (Win8 presumably). 2 phones used chassis 1, 2 based on chassis 2 - like HTC Ignate (middle end).

Perhaps the most notable piece of the tweet is the speculation that Nokia is working on a Windows 8 tablet.

Chassis 1 devices will likely run on 1GHz processors, have 8GB internal storage and a 5MP camera. Chassis 2 devices will be lower-end, running on 800MHz processors, like the HTC Ignite.

It is still unclear when the first Nokia WP7 devices will hit the market, and at what price.

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2 user comments

123.3.2011 7:08

So the .. were working on a windows tablet means that nokia has now fully dropped and nailed the lid down on meego for good ??

lol yeah wp7 good luck with that, im not sure in 2 years time nokia will see be as glad for the partnership.

If ms didnt step in they would have been force to use droid and in the long run it maybe better for nokia.

My thought is nokia is going to actually co dev on both platforms and only release the windows platform, the hardwares the same.

Once what ever agreement with ms has ran its course it will start to offer droid phones assuming that wp7 doesnt magically do really well and nokia gets most of the droid r and d paid for by ms...

Just and idea...

224.3.2011 16:43

1Ghz CPUs 'likely' for Chassis 1 devices? Seems kind of low-end for phones to be released at the end of the year at the earliest.

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