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Microsoft to patch 64 flaws on Tuesday

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Apr 2011 23:45 User comments (4)

Microsoft to patch 64 flaws on Tuesday Microsoft has announced today that it will patch a record 64 flaws for its upcoming 'Patch Tuesday,' fixing vulnerabilities in Windows, IE, Office and other software.
The 64 flaws are attached to 17 bulletins, which ties for the most ever issued by the company in a single week.

Previously, the record for most flaws patched was 49, in October of last year.

9 of the 17 bulletins are "critical," while the rest are "important." Critical is the highest threat level while 'important' is second highest.

One security analyst was very surprised by how high the number was (via CW):

We were expecting the larger release this month, based on the normal cadence. But a whopping 64 CVEs is out of line with anything normal for Microsoft. All hands on deck will be required next week.

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4 user comments

18.4.2011 14:20

why anyone uses internet explorer is beyond belief. that is a crazy amount of vulnerabilities to fix and install in any mans/womans language.

I for one won't be downloading any of these updates. as of now i'm done downloading updates from micro$oft as most of the time when you install their updates they might fix the vulnerabilities affected but i noticed it causes more problems with other parts of the operating system. next month it will be 87 new updates ffs what a mess.

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28.4.2011 17:16

I stopped downloading updates along time ago. Windows is always flawed, there will always be flaws. lol.
i dont use internet explorer. Firefox only.

I dont use any windows programs that came with windows. all 3rd party apps. ( defrag etc ) And now i have Ubuntu dual booted with windows. Windows for video editing, photoshop and a few good games. other wise its Linux all the way.

38.4.2011 22:49

I want to know what exactly are the glitches what window functionality was not working is there a list somewhere??

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49.4.2011 18:40

Hmmmm, I think some people need a reality check.

Windows gets attacked so often because most people use Windows.....and as we have seen as Apple products get more popular they too have started attracting attention & attacks.
Ditto Firefox & Opera.

Yes, it's true, Windows sometimes looks like it has lots of 'holes' in it - but that is mostly because it works with almost everything straight out of the box.

Security to a large extent necessarily is a reactive business - and that's true for everyone, not just Microsoft.

But the fact is 99.99% of the time most have zero problems with Windows.
Windows is nothing even close to being "a mess".

Personally I have used XP since 2003 without a single serious problem and I'm now enjoying Windows 7 without a single serious issue.
I have also never seen them have to update month-on-month increasing numbers of updates.
Some months it's a handful of updates, some months it's less and occasionally it is a little more - and most updates are not applicable for everyone.
Some months I read that a large number of updates are coming and yet for XP or 7 it is only a small number.

(....and for those who whine about Windows updates, do you also make a hobby of bashing your anti-virus for continual updating too, cos this predictable moaning about Windows updating makes about as much sense as that)

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