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Vengeful hacker sentenced to two years in prison

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2011 1:43 User comments (1)

Vengeful hacker sentenced to two years in prison Bruce Raisley of Kansas City, Missouri has been sentenced to two years of prison this week after being convicted of creating a virus that infected 100,000 computers and used them to DDoS sites that wrote articles showing him in a bad light.
The hacker was "formerly a volunteer for the organization Perverted Justice, which works with police and the popular NBC reality TV show 'To Catch a Predator,'" explains Reuters. Hidden cameras document adults trying to have sex with minors, and the pedophiles are then turned over to the police.

Raisley left the group after getting into a heated dispute with the founder of the organization, Xavier Von Erck.

In retaliation, Van Erck began pretending to be "Holly," striking up an online relationship with Raisley. Raisley eventually decided to leave his wife for "Holly."

Van Erck then photographed Raisley at the airport waiting for "Holly" to arrive.

A number of sites, including Rolling Stone, picked up on the piece and published articles.

Humiliated, Raisley then created the virus and managed to infect 100,000 host computers, using them to DDoS any site that had written the story about him. In addition to the jail time, Raisley must pay $90,000 combined to the sites for any downtime caused.

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118.4.2011 15:38

Ermm let's see if I've got this right - He decided to leave his wife (and then left her ) for a virutal reality woman he had never met before ? He (and this Van Erck creep) both need to be locked up in a mental institution not a prison, preferably in the same padded cell.

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