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YouTube banishes pirates to 'Copyright School'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Apr 2011 13:33 User comments (7)

YouTube banishes pirates to 'Copyright School' Google has acquiesced to the movie, TV and music industries, agreeing to send those that post copywritten work to "Copyright School" before they can use the service again.
Violators will have to watch the embedded video and then pass a short test before they can upload videos again.

The video itself is a corny cartoon, but goes over the basics of copyright infringement and how it can affect an industry.

Mostly, however, the video illustrates how you can get in trouble for uploading the works.

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7 user comments

117.4.2011 18:31

That video is a load of crap! COPYRIGHT what a steaming pile of poo! Copyright law has gotten so antiquated and convoluted just like so many other specific types of laws. 5 years at the most then have to refile.
What's next 300 years after initial production of original content?! All most laws anymore benefit are companies. They are also starting to stifle creativity.

217.4.2011 20:43

Great. The highly debated, and hardly settled issue of copyright, boiled down to a cartoon of a pirate cat.
I feel so much safer now.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

317.4.2011 21:10

Fool proof idea.

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417.4.2011 22:18

I can't even watch the video...

518.4.2011 2:27

"Original content is what makes youtube interesting"
-No, pirated music videos are what make YouTube interesting...the record companies that make these videos can't seem to figure out that ADVERTISING works best when people actually see it, so they don't post...and then they get mad when others post. Meanwhile the bands are like, "WTF...we spent two weeks on that video, it was shown on MTV3 once at 3AM, and now no one will ever see it again?"

620.4.2011 4:01

I think the real problem will be people who do copies of a song as they won't have paid or seeked the copyright owners to see if they can do their own version of a song.

Also if you do what you think is an original song then find out it's not or really close to another song then you'll be breaking copyright as well.

723.4.2011 18:07

Think of it as free-advertising!

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