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iPad 3 going glasses-free 3D?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 May 2011 4:55 User comments (9)

iPad 3 going glasses-free 3D?

If a new rumor proves accurate, the upcoming iPad 3 will go glasses-free 3D, like the Nintendo 3DS and a few newer smartphones.
Speculation has placed Apple releasing a new iPad in September or very early 2012, outside of their normal 1-year schedule.

For now, the source of the rumor is a "Hollywood insider" who says "the fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert."

Furthermore, studios are rushing to get enough 3D content ready for the tablet's launch.

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9 user comments

17.5.2011 16:58

No, seriously, stop this 3D crap. It increases prices unnecessarily.

27.5.2011 17:06

tIt would let apple to steer away from the numbering system with their products. It'll be terrible if an iphone 7 or beyond came out. I could see them calling it the iPad3D. I just hope there more creative with their products. Also, I agree 3D ain't no biggie.

37.5.2011 19:03

Originally posted by ROMaster2:
No, seriously, stop this 3D crap. It increases prices unnecessarily.
Totally agreed. 3D is just a waste of money and isn't useful in any way.

It's not like I'd buy an iPad anyway though.
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47.5.2011 23:05

3D is awesome... I really hope this happens, Gimmick yes, but what else is there to add to these great tech stuff? i personally will be getting the EVO3D day one, the phone spec is epic... personal taste my, some dont like it but we already know how much these thing will cost anyway it will never change.

57.5.2011 23:15

btw since when getting more is bad?
Some said in a different website that they were not getting the EVO3D cause it has 3D... Hmmmm? i guess a lot people feel this way dont know why... You should know you dont need to use the 3D feature, 2D isn't going anywhere, is like saying you wont buy a new smartphone cause it has a camera and pictures arent as good as regular camera.

68.5.2011 12:53

I agree that the 3D is gimmicky, but if you think long term, it's a step forward in terms of advancing technology. One day, we may have the wide scale, full/surround 3D that we see in sci fi. If we keep rejecting advances in technology, we'll never get there.

78.5.2011 20:23

I like 3D when it is done properly,(Avatar, Toy Story 3) and it give us a reason to go to the movies again (aside from good, original stories).

Sure it might be a gimmick but so was color film, stop motion effects, CGI, and Imax to name a few of the MANY "gimmicks".

The technology is in it's infancy. As it matures and improves I'm sure many more people will come to appreciate it.

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89.5.2011 00:04

Oh Great... the iSheep will have another reason to line up for their next iGadget.

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913.5.2011 09:46

i bought the nds3d day 1 by day 14 i had such severe headaches i only had the 1 game nintendogs cats, so i was limited too the amount of time i played on it, never having suffered from headaches in the past at all, the day came wen after 10mins headache was soo severe, then my eyes started to roll, my family thought i was havin a fit and immediatley called the doctor, as soon as the doctor arrived i was fine after switchin off the 3nds, i went back too the shop with the nds3d Game and explained wot had been happening, they said they could only give me exchange on my item, in the end i purchased another nds xl with the money, i also lost around 40.00 as it was used, im 61 yrs old never ever suffered severe headaches till the 3d nds so i would advise anyone too think twice about this item, headaches dissappeared, and im fine again thank god it was an experience i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.

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